Sunday, September 15, 2013

10 days away till I'm leaving on my mission! Where exactly to I don't know yet but i can hardly stand the anticipation of leaving my entire life behind for two years. Kinda scary but so exciting. Today I gave  my farewell talk in the wiseman ward and in it I talked about alma the elder how when he heard the words of abinadi he left all that he had throwing his entire life behind him knowing he would never come back to it to do what he believed was right.
Now I am no where near what alma was but I am greatful that I get to have a taste of what it was like for him. Alma has been one of my favorite characters in the Book of Mormon because of the faith that he had and the effect that his faith had on the people. My goal is that I will build my testimony further each and every day of my mission and for the rest of my life that one day I will know that I am willing to do and sacrifice all things for the sake of The Lord and his work. For it is a marvelous work and I am and will be eternally greatful for the opportunity I have to help his work progress in any way I can great or small.
I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and I know that it has blessed my life that through the atonement of Jesus Christ I am standing were I am today. And I know that I can show the love I have for my savior by telling them of the hope that comes from the saviors sacrifice.
I love my savior and I know he loves and watches out for me daily. And because of him I know that I have been prepared and I am ready to go and do.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your testimony of our Savior. Congratulations on getting your visa.