Sunday, February 21, 2016

One Contact! - 25 August 2014

This week I got to see the effects of doing something so small grow into such a huge blessing! 

I don't know why but a few weeks back I was just not very excited to talk to people. You know sometimes I just get so tired and don't feel like doing anything and then your companion says something that hurts your feelings and get mad, loose the spirit and all that stuff. Totally normal. I have to admit these last few weeks me and my companion have been having a little problems getting along. haha. And I have to say most of the fault is with me. And due to the lack of the spirit between us we kind of lost the excitement of missionary work for a little bit. 

And this week it just kind of all came out. We were close to the church so we went to go calm down and talk a little bit to see what we needed to do. After we said a prayer and went to go work again. Part of the problem is that I just don't like doing contacts. The words never come out right.... so I kind of just stopped talking to people on the streets.
But I knew that I have to find a way to get over my fear. I remember I was walking down the street just praying so hard for the lord to please prepare a person for me to talk to....
I kid you not, the second I finished my prayer a man stepped outside his gate and stood leaning on his wall just waiting for me!!  I walked up to him and just started talking.. Nothing was coming out right but he understood for the most part and said.. Please, please come visit me. He said that he had talked to other missionaries in the street but they never came to his house. 
Yesterday we went to his house after church and he had just gotten back from running. PERFECT. 
we entered his house and talked for a very long time. he's awesome and works at the hospital. he is the boss over the people that work with x-rays. A member of our branch he works at the same place. 
We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he said he would like to be baptized!!!!! Yaaa. We just got to get him to come to church!! 

Just one more testimony to me THE LORD KNOWS US AND IS AWARE OF EVERYTHING WE ARE GOING THROUGH.  This kind of thing has happened to me so many times on the mission I don't know what is taking me  so long to put all of my trust in the Lord cuz something cool happens every time!!! 
The Lord is just waiting for me to trust him every time! Every time! this is the Lords work and if we are doing all we can the lord will prepare miracles for us!!! I know this is true. The Lord is waiting to turn our weakness into strengths!! The Lord has used my weaknesses so many times to find the people that are ready. Some times I feel like such a weak missionary but I tell you this THE LORD IS STRONG and truly uses weak and small things to do his great work!!! It is so awesome!!! 
I love my lord and I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow. 

Do we truly understand the potential we have!! We are children of a GOD!! OUR potential is unlimited when we put our trust in our Father. 

I love this gospel so much!! I love you all so much! have a great week!!! 

                                 Elder Bryan Jacobson

Transfers - 18 August 2014

Hey I don't have a lot of time to right today cuz we have to do a missionary survey. 

But today we got our transfers and my entire district stayed the same!!!!!!! I will be staying here in Capao bonito for at least 3 more months!!!! yes just what I wanted.
This week was cool.
We found a Bolivian family that was really open to the message and now we have 3 solid families that I am hopping will be baptized here!!! We just really need to stay focused and work hard. My companion is going home after this transfer so he is just trunky as heck!! haha yai yai!!! 
I'm sorry this is so short but I have to go!! 

I love you all so much!!! have a great week!!! 

                                  Elder Bryan Jacobson

Great Week in CAPAO BONITO - 11 August 2014

This week We have been working with a family that we found because one
of the kids in the family was playing soccer with Elder Alvies. We
asked if we could make a visit to his house and at first he said that
he was not sure if his mom would let the missionaries come and teach.
So we kind of stuck him on the backburner because his family was in the
middle of moving to a new house.  But this week we found their new
house and started teaching the family. The Mother is very interested
and sakes a lot of questions. The only bad thing is she does not
understand a thing that I say!!!! hahah I don't know why haha but I
have to talk extra slow with her! haha

Yesterday three of her sons came to church with us!!!! hahah
They liked the classes but were getting a little tired of church by the
third hour. They started getting louder and louder. Here sacrament
meeting is always the last meeting. Kelvin was really getting loud and
when the bread came around during sacrament he yelled ' UWUW BREAD!!'

HAHA I think we had some parents getting a little annoyed with our
investigators. Just when I thought president was going to have a
problem with us, I remembered that I had put a piece of chocolate in
my bag and bribed to two boys sitting with me that if they could sit
quiet I would give them the candy!!! Remind you of anyone!!! haha. for
the last half hour they were perfect!!!
We just need to get the parents to come to church with them and we
have a solid family added to the branch here in Capao Bonito!!!

Brealynn I was just telling a member about our family and the member asked me:
' AND your sister, did she go on a mission yet?'
'I told her no but that I knew one day she will. "
I always knew that you would go on  a mission, just at your own time
when you were ready. And you are going to be so blessed!!!

Everyday I get to learn so much more about the purpose of this life,
how we can make the most of it, and how to really just throw yourself
into the work and try!!
I am learning how to not let fears get in the way of doing something great.
I read a talk in the Ensign this past week that talked about it never
being to late to try something new.
We only get to live this life once so we should do all we can each day
to enjoy everything about this life.
The mission is going so fast!! next month we will hit our 1 year
mark. Some times the mission is so stress full I forget to just take a
breath and enjoy it. cuz you only get to do it once! I have learned so
much and I just keep praying that it is making me into  the person I
want to be!
Well I love you all soo much!!!!!

                have a great week!!!!!

                         Elder Bryan Jacobson

Overcoming - 4 August 2014

This week was great for one because we got to baptize two of our investigators!!!!!! They are two girls that  are best friends and have lived of on the same road their entire lives. We were trying to get to talk to their parents but their parents want nothing to do with us. I don't think they hate the missionaries or anything like that but they themselves don't want to hear about anything we have to talk about. JULIANA and VANESSA were baptized on Saturday and received the holy ghost yesterday at church.
I am just so grateful that they were baptized together because I know that they are going to meet a lot of challenges as they are the only ones in  their families to be a part of the church. But they have made some good friends in the church and they have each other.

This week I got to go on divisions with Elder Arias!!! it was quite an adventure as I was not told about the division and did not bring anything with me to stay the night in a different area to district meeting. We have to do all divisions at district meeting because it is to much money to travel. So we all meet at district meeting and do divisions straight from there so I had no way of getting stuff for the next day. But I thought its just one day I'll be fine. So we went!!! haha and it was the best. had a great time with Elder Arias and we got some awesome pictures!!!!!!
However the division got better when the next morning we went to the bank to go get money to buy tickets for the bus to find that our money had not entered the bank yet!!!! so I was stuck without any clean clothes or anything!!! haha great!
well you only live once right!! so we had another great day trying to find people to teach. NO ONE ACCEPTED  our invitation to share a message:( but I learned. haha

This week has been another week of a lot of reflection for me about everything that has happened on the mission and everything that has happened in my life to prepare me for the needs of the people here. so many times I have to admit I have let so many things get in the way of being the best missionary I can be. I feel like Nephi when he says that his spirit desires to be so much better then his body is physically letting him. hahah I've been thinking a lot about how I can learn to overcome my weaknesses to be a better servant of the Lord. I said a pray and asked God to help me overcome my weaknesses.
after I prayed I opened my scriptures to a random page and read the first thing I saw on the page that I had marked in yellow. : come unto me and I will turn your weakness into strengths.
I'm sorry if I'm kind of blabbing on I don't know how I want to say this....
The last couple of day I have been thinking about how I could overcome  my weaknesses and one of the things that I learned is that we need to truly understand who created us. I am jut now understanding a little about how much potential we have to truly become like our Heavenly Father,  

I know that this gospel is true. And I know that we are children of our Heavenly Father.
I love you all so much!!!
have a great week!!!

                                                   ELDER JACOBSON
Pictures sent had problems and couldn't be opened.

Just Like Jesus - 28 July 2014

This week has been a very interesting one. As you well know every week presents a new trial and new miracles. This week I got to see the works of a miracle as my companion played soccer in the street........
It is my job to sit on the curb and talked to the kids that are not playing while my companion plays a game of soccer. Its perfect he gets to play and impress the kids with his soccer skills and I get to wonder the rest of the kids not playing by telling them my story of how a white American boy got lost in the middle of BRAZIL. 
IT started with just one person sitting on the sidewalk. so I sat next to I'm and started to get to know him. HE picked up on my accent quick making the comment. " your not from here are you, you talk funny." 
And that is all I needed to tell him all about were I was from what I was doing here how I learned to speak and so on......
it started with just him. but before I new it people were starting to gather around me. I just kept talking and talking. By the time I made it through THE RESTORATION, GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, LAW OF CHASTITY, WORD OF WISDOM, AND TEMPLE MARRIGE  I had a multitude of about 15 youth sitting in a semi circle around me. I showed them all a picture of the temple and told tem that when a person gets married here it is for ever and not just until death.
Then one of the youth said:
How do you  get married in that place?
after about 15 minutes of talking it was time for us to go home but I marked all of their addresses and days to visit.!!!!!!!!!!!
I felt like Jesus teaching a multitude of thousands of people!!!!!!!! hahaha it was awesome.
This week we are praying to have two baptisms but it is looking like getting the permission of the parents might be a problem. Just keep praying that the lord will provide a way.!!!!!!
love you all so much !!!!!!
have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  ELDER JACOBSON, BRYAN

Ten Month Mark, Holy Cow - 21 July 2014

Hello everyone! 
Holy cow I am so tired. 
Now with our new president we are aloud to   have a zone activity one p-day once a transfer. So today we all gathered at the church and played volleyball!!! I was a lot of fun a felt good to get some good exercise.  I have to admit it has been a while since I have done anything besides walking and doing curl ups every once in a while. 

Last Tuesday I went on divisions with Elder Briton. He is the funniest elder I have ever worked with. He loves talking to people on the road and is so excited to tell people that we are servants of god!!!!  It was great. we taught 6 lessons found 5 new investigators and did about 20 street contacts!!!! it was a sweet day. 

Here in my area we are having  a little difficulty finding people to teach but we did manage to mark a date for baptism with a girl that we found this week.
It was already dark outside and we say this girl standing outside her house all alone. we asked her if everything was all right. She came right out and said NO. We asked here what was wrong but she would not say. We told her that we were missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ and told her about how we had a message that could make the family happier. 
We got to enter their house and share a message with them. we invited then to be baptized and marked a date for the 2nd of Agosto!!!!!! they need to come to church one more time but I think they are going to be a great addition to the branch here in CAMPAO BONITO. 
TODAY when I was sitting on a bus going to our activity I got to talk to a fire fighter that  was coming home from his night shift of work. I talked to him about his job. he told me a lot about what he did, working with fires, car accidents and a bunch of other stuff. we talked for about 45 min. I got his address and we are going to  send it to the elders that live in his area. IT WAS SO COOL. on that one buss ride me and my companion made 4 contacts. haha 
This was such a big  victory for me because these passed few weeks I have been more hesitant to open my mouth I don't know why. but this week I marked a new goal to do more street contacts!!! 

This week I also got to give a talk in sacrament meeting. The president gave me 5 min. not knowing exactly how strong my Portuguese was. I blew him away when I stayed up at to pulpit for 20. haha The spirit is awesome. When I started I was a little nerves and I could tell that the congregation wasn't paying much attention. Everyone was having their own conversations. But then the spirit took over and the words started coming out smoother and I literally saw everyone sit up straighter. hahaha it was very funny. The councilor came up to me after and said. WOW your fluent!! hahaha 

The spirit has been strong this week. it has been something I have been praying for and I know that the Lord heard and answered my prayers.

I love you all. have a great week !!! 

Planning - 14 July 2014

Hello everyone!!! what  a crazy transfer  that was. I started out in a members car from Franco da Rocha where we used a "short cut " through the forests on big, bumpy, muddy roads in the middle of nowhere. I don't know how were found our way to the mission office. But after an hour of bouncing around in the car we made it safely to the mission office. This transfer was different then all the others. Our new president started having a conference with all the elders that are trading areas every transfer. So we met in the chapel and he gave us more instruction and he and his wife gave messages. Sister Farns is having a very had time with the language and had an American Sister translate for her. Ha-ha DO I KNOW HOW THAT FEELS...
They are so humble, president and his wife, and you can just tell how much they want to serve the lord. The thing that is really cool is how apparent it is that the lord has prepared them to serve here in our mission.
On Thursday we had our first interviews with President Farns. He just really wanted to get to know all the missionaries. He was asking me all about my life before the mission; what sports I played, where I grew up, what my Family was like, what my favorite thing in Brazil was. Then we read a little section in preach my gospel.
After we read a section he said Elder Jacobson Always remember to ask people for referrals. Referrals from your investigators and the members of the Ward is one of the most effective ways to find new people to teach. Then he said and make sure that you don't get lazy in your planning sessions- "planning is a time of inspiration"

two things that I know I can definitely improve is my planning sessions and referrals. Planning is not just writing names down in a planner but asking the Lord were he needs you to be and who has been prepared. Sometimes I think I forget to involve the Lord in EVERYTHING that I do here n the mission because it is his work that I am here to do.

My president is inspired!!! I have no doubt!!!! After he interviewed us all he came out and said that he felt something special about our district and blessed us that we would see many miracles and many people be brought into the gospel Family.

I am just so excited for this new change to the mission. It has added new fire to the mission and I can't wait to see the miracles that will come to us in São Paulo north!!!!
The transfer to get here took three days so I have not done to much here yet but I got the same feeling when I got here that I got when I arrived in Pillar do SUL. I know that I am where the Lord needs me and that as I turn to him with a pure heart he will open the doors for us.

I love you all. Sorry this is so short but our money didn't come in yet so I don't have very much time on the computer.



                              ELDER B    JACOBSON

Last Week in Franco da Rocha - 7 July 2014

Yes sadly this is my last P day in Franco da Rocha. I am going to  CAMPO BONITO with ELDER ALVES. I am a little sad to leave our investigators here behind but I know that the Lord has many people waiting there as well.
This week we had a very special week as once again I got to see the lord work directly with our investigators to help them progress in the gospel. Saturday night we had the Baptism of RITA. She is awesome. she is the one that while we were teaching her she understood everything after the first time of hearing it. That never happens!! for sure she was being taught by the Holy Ghost, but that is just the beginning. At here baptism, her X husband, who we are teaching as well Rogerio came to see her be baptized.
Rogerio was been having just a few small doubts and wasn't feeling ready to be baptized. But he came to watch the baptism of Rita on Saturday and after it was over he came to us so excited and said
I that went through my mind was YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! 
We got him interviewed that same night by the District leader and marked his Baptism for this Friday!!!
Sadly I will not be here for his baptism but that just makes part of the mission.
All of this is just such a miracle. All because a lost missionary knocked on a door....
I know that the LORD is in control of my work here on the mission. He knows what I am capable of and what my weaknesses are. That day that we found Rogerio, I may have been lost but the Lord was not. and the lord had not lost me. Once again, if there is anything that I am learning here is that the lord is in control of everything that we do. And I Know that when we put our trust in him he will provide a way for us!
I love you all so much!!!
Have a great week!!!                                         
                                                                  Elder Bryan Jacobson
Rita, Rogerio, and Malisa
 my zone

World Cup - 23 June 2014

Hello everyone!!!!!
The world cup has been killing us here in Franco da Rocha as we have been so blessed to find more investigators then we have time to work with being that our time has been so cut down by all the games. With luck, if Brazil looses this should be the last day stuck in the house!!!!!
yesterday Me and Elder Throckmorton had a special planning section to help figure out when we could go find all of our families. What a great problem to have on a mission right!!! we have truly been so blessed here. I know that the Lord has truly been watching and blessing our efforts and truly they have been multiplied.
Rodrigo has been having a hard week. He had his baptismal interview. He passed everything but in the end he said that he did not feel ready to be baptized. He knows its true, He loves the church. He doesn't have any doubts, he's just a little scarred. We have been praying for him and thinking allot about what we can do to help him.
Yesterday we got to talk to Grasiele again. Her baptism date is marked and ready for this Saturday!!!!! I am praying that Brazil looses because if they win and move on their next game will fall on Saturday and we will be stuck in the house again and have to move the baptism. haha She is hilarious. She is trying to learn stick shift.....haha you know how that is. And just like me, hasn't got it down yet. haha but its getting better. Every trip back to our house is a little..... exciting. Yesterday when she came to church. She got to the parking lot and then was having a lot of trouble parking. in the end she had to have one of our investigators that showed up park her car for her. haha. I found it funny cuz I can totally relate!
We have continued to work with the family of Edimar. They are a family that has been working with the missionaries for a very long time now. We are trying to get Edimar to be baptized so that he can be an example to his wife who is trying to stop smoking. She has been having  a really hard time. we want Edimar to be baptized so that he can get the priesthood so that he can bless her and help her have the strength to quit. He is working through some things with the bishop and we are praying that the lord will prepare a way for him.
Rita came to church yesterday!!!!! It was here first week in a normal meeting. the first time she came we had stake conference. She told us yesterday after church that she felt that she was gaining the strength that she needed. She made some great comments in the gospel principles class yesterday!!! She learns so fast its incredible. She is ready to be baptized as well and we will mark a date with here at our next visit.
I got a picture this week with President and Sister Martins: They are leaving the mission here in about 3 weeks and President Farns will be coming in. We had a great conference with president Martins this week. It is always a great learning opportunity. I got some pictures with him and Sister Martins. haha. They are going to be missed here in the mission.
Again, Thank you all for your prayers, letters, boxes, emails!!! For every thing that you all have done for me while I am here!!! I love you all so much and know that I have been blessed with the best family in the world!!!
Mom dad  I GOT THE BOX WITH THE PLAN OF SALVATION PUZZLE!!!! I was so happy when I say my name on that box!!! Thank you so much!!! the puzzle is awesome!!!!! And eating cold cereal for the first time in 9 months is awesome!!!!!!
                   I love you all so much!!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!
                                                          Elder B. Jacobson
with President & Sister Martin
Neusa wearing an American flag shirt