Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ten Month Mark, Holy Cow - 21 July 2014

Hello everyone! 
Holy cow I am so tired. 
Now with our new president we are aloud to   have a zone activity one p-day once a transfer. So today we all gathered at the church and played volleyball!!! I was a lot of fun a felt good to get some good exercise.  I have to admit it has been a while since I have done anything besides walking and doing curl ups every once in a while. 

Last Tuesday I went on divisions with Elder Briton. He is the funniest elder I have ever worked with. He loves talking to people on the road and is so excited to tell people that we are servants of god!!!!  It was great. we taught 6 lessons found 5 new investigators and did about 20 street contacts!!!! it was a sweet day. 

Here in my area we are having  a little difficulty finding people to teach but we did manage to mark a date for baptism with a girl that we found this week.
It was already dark outside and we say this girl standing outside her house all alone. we asked her if everything was all right. She came right out and said NO. We asked here what was wrong but she would not say. We told her that we were missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ and told her about how we had a message that could make the family happier. 
We got to enter their house and share a message with them. we invited then to be baptized and marked a date for the 2nd of Agosto!!!!!! they need to come to church one more time but I think they are going to be a great addition to the branch here in CAMPAO BONITO. 
TODAY when I was sitting on a bus going to our activity I got to talk to a fire fighter that  was coming home from his night shift of work. I talked to him about his job. he told me a lot about what he did, working with fires, car accidents and a bunch of other stuff. we talked for about 45 min. I got his address and we are going to  send it to the elders that live in his area. IT WAS SO COOL. on that one buss ride me and my companion made 4 contacts. haha 
This was such a big  victory for me because these passed few weeks I have been more hesitant to open my mouth I don't know why. but this week I marked a new goal to do more street contacts!!! 

This week I also got to give a talk in sacrament meeting. The president gave me 5 min. not knowing exactly how strong my Portuguese was. I blew him away when I stayed up at to pulpit for 20. haha The spirit is awesome. When I started I was a little nerves and I could tell that the congregation wasn't paying much attention. Everyone was having their own conversations. But then the spirit took over and the words started coming out smoother and I literally saw everyone sit up straighter. hahaha it was very funny. The councilor came up to me after and said. WOW your fluent!! hahaha 

The spirit has been strong this week. it has been something I have been praying for and I know that the Lord heard and answered my prayers.

I love you all. have a great week !!! 

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