Sunday, February 21, 2016

Planning - 14 July 2014

Hello everyone!!! what  a crazy transfer  that was. I started out in a members car from Franco da Rocha where we used a "short cut " through the forests on big, bumpy, muddy roads in the middle of nowhere. I don't know how were found our way to the mission office. But after an hour of bouncing around in the car we made it safely to the mission office. This transfer was different then all the others. Our new president started having a conference with all the elders that are trading areas every transfer. So we met in the chapel and he gave us more instruction and he and his wife gave messages. Sister Farns is having a very had time with the language and had an American Sister translate for her. Ha-ha DO I KNOW HOW THAT FEELS...
They are so humble, president and his wife, and you can just tell how much they want to serve the lord. The thing that is really cool is how apparent it is that the lord has prepared them to serve here in our mission.
On Thursday we had our first interviews with President Farns. He just really wanted to get to know all the missionaries. He was asking me all about my life before the mission; what sports I played, where I grew up, what my Family was like, what my favorite thing in Brazil was. Then we read a little section in preach my gospel.
After we read a section he said Elder Jacobson Always remember to ask people for referrals. Referrals from your investigators and the members of the Ward is one of the most effective ways to find new people to teach. Then he said and make sure that you don't get lazy in your planning sessions- "planning is a time of inspiration"

two things that I know I can definitely improve is my planning sessions and referrals. Planning is not just writing names down in a planner but asking the Lord were he needs you to be and who has been prepared. Sometimes I think I forget to involve the Lord in EVERYTHING that I do here n the mission because it is his work that I am here to do.

My president is inspired!!! I have no doubt!!!! After he interviewed us all he came out and said that he felt something special about our district and blessed us that we would see many miracles and many people be brought into the gospel Family.

I am just so excited for this new change to the mission. It has added new fire to the mission and I can't wait to see the miracles that will come to us in São Paulo north!!!!
The transfer to get here took three days so I have not done to much here yet but I got the same feeling when I got here that I got when I arrived in Pillar do SUL. I know that I am where the Lord needs me and that as I turn to him with a pure heart he will open the doors for us.

I love you all. Sorry this is so short but our money didn't come in yet so I don't have very much time on the computer.



                              ELDER B    JACOBSON

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