Sunday, February 21, 2016

Great Week in CAPAO BONITO - 11 August 2014

This week We have been working with a family that we found because one
of the kids in the family was playing soccer with Elder Alvies. We
asked if we could make a visit to his house and at first he said that
he was not sure if his mom would let the missionaries come and teach.
So we kind of stuck him on the backburner because his family was in the
middle of moving to a new house.  But this week we found their new
house and started teaching the family. The Mother is very interested
and sakes a lot of questions. The only bad thing is she does not
understand a thing that I say!!!! hahah I don't know why haha but I
have to talk extra slow with her! haha

Yesterday three of her sons came to church with us!!!! hahah
They liked the classes but were getting a little tired of church by the
third hour. They started getting louder and louder. Here sacrament
meeting is always the last meeting. Kelvin was really getting loud and
when the bread came around during sacrament he yelled ' UWUW BREAD!!'

HAHA I think we had some parents getting a little annoyed with our
investigators. Just when I thought president was going to have a
problem with us, I remembered that I had put a piece of chocolate in
my bag and bribed to two boys sitting with me that if they could sit
quiet I would give them the candy!!! Remind you of anyone!!! haha. for
the last half hour they were perfect!!!
We just need to get the parents to come to church with them and we
have a solid family added to the branch here in Capao Bonito!!!

Brealynn I was just telling a member about our family and the member asked me:
' AND your sister, did she go on a mission yet?'
'I told her no but that I knew one day she will. "
I always knew that you would go on  a mission, just at your own time
when you were ready. And you are going to be so blessed!!!

Everyday I get to learn so much more about the purpose of this life,
how we can make the most of it, and how to really just throw yourself
into the work and try!!
I am learning how to not let fears get in the way of doing something great.
I read a talk in the Ensign this past week that talked about it never
being to late to try something new.
We only get to live this life once so we should do all we can each day
to enjoy everything about this life.
The mission is going so fast!! next month we will hit our 1 year
mark. Some times the mission is so stress full I forget to just take a
breath and enjoy it. cuz you only get to do it once! I have learned so
much and I just keep praying that it is making me into  the person I
want to be!
Well I love you all soo much!!!!!

                have a great week!!!!!

                         Elder Bryan Jacobson

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