Sunday, February 21, 2016

Our Investigators - 9 June 2014

This has been such a great week!!!! We are really seeing the fruits of our labor here in Franco da Rocha.
This Sunday we has 12 people visiting church and we marked 4 dates for baptism.
RODERIO; went to church again this week for the second time and said that he liked it a lot and was feeling a lot better about his baptism date. When we marked a date with him he said that he did not feel ready to be baptized. In our next lesson we brought a Member that Roderio already knew from work to help us teach. After the lesson he said that he was ready and excited to be baptized!!!!!
RITA: is a good friend of Roderio. and Roderio told us that we needed to talk to her because she was struggling with depression. We had a lesson with her on Friday. After she said that she knew that this was true and that the gospel was going to be the thing that would give her the strength to keep going. She also said that she wanted to be an example for her children to follow and so she will be baptized the same day as Roderio
BARBARA: is a women we found on the street because a drunk guy stopped us and was trying to talk to us. The guy is Barbara started on the street about our church. we marked another day to visit the family. we talked for almost 2 hours!!! it was awesome. the entire family (9 people) were asking questions about the Book of Mormon. Barbara came to church this week. and we are preparing her to be baptized in 2 weeks!!!!!
HELAINA: is a person that we have been working with for about 2 months now. She is addicted to cigarettes and so we have been working hard to help her quit but it has been a long difficult proses for her. But she is doing a lot better. We are praying that in the next couple of weeks she can overcome and have the strength to stop for good. now she is down to 6 a day. before she smoked 20 each day so she is really  making progress. When she stops the entire family is going to be baptized. (Helaine, Edimar, and Biatrese)
GRASIELE: is someone that we found in our area book. we have made two visits to her house and she has already made many visits to church. She has a date to be baptized in two weeks as well!!!! This week we taught the restoration to her and about how the church has the authority to baptized. We invited her to be baptized. and She said " just waiting for you to ask me" She is marked for the same day as Rita and Roderio.
...And that's the summary of our amazing investigators her in Franco Da Rocha!!!!!! Truly the lord has placed all of these people in our path. They have been such a blessing to me and I know that i have been so blessed to be able to work with them.
This week the world cup is starting so we have 3 days that we have to stay in our house... I don't know what we are going to do but 3 days locked in a tiny house with 4 people doesn't sound like too much fun. ill be sure to send picture of what ever we end up doing to entertain ourselves.
Once again can I just say as I say every week what a Miracle all of this is. Every day is such a blessing!!!! The mission is worth every painful time. the joy  ALWAYS out ways all the hard times!
I love you all so much!!!!
Oh, one more thing. This week for stake conference we got to here from Elder Scott and Elder M. Russell Nelson!!!
did you know that Elder Scott speaks Portuguese? cool right. It was awesome cuz we got to tell our investigators that these were two of the 12 apostles!!!! cool right!!! you don't get that opportunity every day with your investigators!!!
Well my time is up!!:(
I love you all so much!! have a great week AND I'LL TALK TO YOU next week!!!!

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