Sunday, February 21, 2016

Overcoming - 4 August 2014

This week was great for one because we got to baptize two of our investigators!!!!!! They are two girls that  are best friends and have lived of on the same road their entire lives. We were trying to get to talk to their parents but their parents want nothing to do with us. I don't think they hate the missionaries or anything like that but they themselves don't want to hear about anything we have to talk about. JULIANA and VANESSA were baptized on Saturday and received the holy ghost yesterday at church.
I am just so grateful that they were baptized together because I know that they are going to meet a lot of challenges as they are the only ones in  their families to be a part of the church. But they have made some good friends in the church and they have each other.

This week I got to go on divisions with Elder Arias!!! it was quite an adventure as I was not told about the division and did not bring anything with me to stay the night in a different area to district meeting. We have to do all divisions at district meeting because it is to much money to travel. So we all meet at district meeting and do divisions straight from there so I had no way of getting stuff for the next day. But I thought its just one day I'll be fine. So we went!!! haha and it was the best. had a great time with Elder Arias and we got some awesome pictures!!!!!!
However the division got better when the next morning we went to the bank to go get money to buy tickets for the bus to find that our money had not entered the bank yet!!!! so I was stuck without any clean clothes or anything!!! haha great!
well you only live once right!! so we had another great day trying to find people to teach. NO ONE ACCEPTED  our invitation to share a message:( but I learned. haha

This week has been another week of a lot of reflection for me about everything that has happened on the mission and everything that has happened in my life to prepare me for the needs of the people here. so many times I have to admit I have let so many things get in the way of being the best missionary I can be. I feel like Nephi when he says that his spirit desires to be so much better then his body is physically letting him. hahah I've been thinking a lot about how I can learn to overcome my weaknesses to be a better servant of the Lord. I said a pray and asked God to help me overcome my weaknesses.
after I prayed I opened my scriptures to a random page and read the first thing I saw on the page that I had marked in yellow. : come unto me and I will turn your weakness into strengths.
I'm sorry if I'm kind of blabbing on I don't know how I want to say this....
The last couple of day I have been thinking about how I could overcome  my weaknesses and one of the things that I learned is that we need to truly understand who created us. I am jut now understanding a little about how much potential we have to truly become like our Heavenly Father,  

I know that this gospel is true. And I know that we are children of our Heavenly Father.
I love you all so much!!!
have a great week!!!

                                                   ELDER JACOBSON
Pictures sent had problems and couldn't be opened.

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