Sunday, February 21, 2016

Testimony - 16 June 2014

Don't have a lot of time today but I did want to share my testimony for you guys:
            Here everyday on the mission has given me an opportunity to learn something new each day. And as I keep going on I have seen that every thing has really lead up to one thing. HUMILITY. One thing that I have noticed in myself here is I have a huge problem with just really being Humble and teachable. But I know that it is the key to learning and becoming better. I think that for me so many times in life you want to always feel like you know what your doing and that you don't need to improve, that you don't need to be corrected. But one thing that I have really been trying to learn is that I will never reach  a point here on the mission when I can not improve. I don't know why but for me it has proven difficult for me to really just take correction and just try to learn at every opportunity.
           So this is something that I really would like to work on for the next couple of months. Ill write you guys and tell you how it all goes.
           I know I got distracted from the testimony so here goes:
  When we teach people about the gospel, the first thing we will talk about is about how God is our Heavenly Father. So many times I have thought about the simplicity and power of this phrase. And some times I wonder if we truly understand what this means. One thing that I have come to learn is that when we truly understand that we are children of our God we find the strength, confidence and purpose to keep going and to push on through all the challenges in our lives. This phrase has been a power to me to truly know who i am, Why i am on earth, AND were I am going and who I am trying to become. Sometimes to get so caught up in the moment right now but forget to think about all that we could have and be in the future. Everything about the gospel is about the future. It has nothing to do with what we are today but what we are working to become in the future. I know that this is true. I know that we have so much more potential then this world wants you to think. We live in a world of so much insecurity with so many different opinions of what we should and shouldn't do. So many times to try and do all we can to fit into this world... but I know that this is not the world that we should be trying to be fitting into. This world is not our goal. Our goal is so much higher. I KNOW that i am here to learn and grow through trials and difficulties so that i can return home and live with my God and learn to become like him. So that I will have the understanding that he has that only comes through trials and tests.
The way has been prepared for us. Through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ We can learn and correct our mistakes to BECOME like our Father. The way has been prepared for us. So every time life is feeling difficult. REMEMBER why we are here and WHO sent us and then be firm in your testimony of what you know to be true. I know that this is the plan of our loving Heavenly Father and that one day we will all be united together if we live our lives according to the plan of our FATHER.
                                       In the name of Jesus Christ amen.
I love you all so much!!!! have a great week!!! This week should be very exciting for us as we are preparing 3 people to be baptized!!! Will have tones of pictures to send next week!!!!
                                   Elder Bryan Jacobson

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