Sunday, February 21, 2016

Just Like Jesus - 28 July 2014

This week has been a very interesting one. As you well know every week presents a new trial and new miracles. This week I got to see the works of a miracle as my companion played soccer in the street........
It is my job to sit on the curb and talked to the kids that are not playing while my companion plays a game of soccer. Its perfect he gets to play and impress the kids with his soccer skills and I get to wonder the rest of the kids not playing by telling them my story of how a white American boy got lost in the middle of BRAZIL. 
IT started with just one person sitting on the sidewalk. so I sat next to I'm and started to get to know him. HE picked up on my accent quick making the comment. " your not from here are you, you talk funny." 
And that is all I needed to tell him all about were I was from what I was doing here how I learned to speak and so on......
it started with just him. but before I new it people were starting to gather around me. I just kept talking and talking. By the time I made it through THE RESTORATION, GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, LAW OF CHASTITY, WORD OF WISDOM, AND TEMPLE MARRIGE  I had a multitude of about 15 youth sitting in a semi circle around me. I showed them all a picture of the temple and told tem that when a person gets married here it is for ever and not just until death.
Then one of the youth said:
How do you  get married in that place?
after about 15 minutes of talking it was time for us to go home but I marked all of their addresses and days to visit.!!!!!!!!!!!
I felt like Jesus teaching a multitude of thousands of people!!!!!!!! hahaha it was awesome.
This week we are praying to have two baptisms but it is looking like getting the permission of the parents might be a problem. Just keep praying that the lord will provide a way.!!!!!!
love you all so much !!!!!!
have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  ELDER JACOBSON, BRYAN

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