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Blessings of Prayer - 2 June 2014

Dear family!!!!
I love the scripture that says the lord will turn out weaknesses into strengths and that we have weakness so that we will have the opportunity to turn to the lord and be humble so that the lord can bless us.
This week as I started tacking on Franco da Rocha by myself with a new companion I was terrifies because I knew that I did not know the roads and exactly how to find all of the people. And when ever I get lost I start to panic a little.
Well, on out first day of work. We were working in a part of the area that I had never been in. LAST TRANSFER when I was in a trio, we had two entire cities to ourselves and so I did not get to know this side of the area very well at all, BUT we had a map and I was trying my best to find a former investigator my companion found in the area book. We looked and looked and couldn't find the house. I was praying in my heart to Heavenly father to please prepare a way for us. After 45 minutes of searching and asking people on the streets we could not find this person to save our lives.
A little frustrated and embarrassed at my horrible memory and map skills I do what I always do when I start getting stressed, say a little prayer in my heart and pick a door and knock.   And what a door it was.......
His name was Roderio. When he came out of his house he said 'I thought you were security when I saw you dressed in whit shirts. I work for security here in Brazil and so I wanted to know what you guys were doing.'
He was so excited to talk to us and then we told him why we were here and asked if we could share a  message with him. He said yes and we shared the message of the Restoration and he started crying when we talked about the family and told us that his mom had dies and he missed her so much. The spirit was so strong!!!!! After the message he was so excited he said " I have a friend that needs to hear this!!! "
Her mane is Rita and when we talked to her she said that she had never felt right about all the other churches that she had been to and was looking for a new church. She committed to be baptized when she knew it was true. We invited both of them to come to church. Only Roderio came but he liked it a lot and said that he felt the spirit.
Also we found a family that I talked to once at the gate that said to pass by another time last transfer but we never made it back. BUT know that we don't have the entire area to worry about we finally made a visit. The family just happened to be all in the house. We reviewed the restoration and the father said. I like this. can I go to your church?
At the end of the lesson we committed the entire family to go to church and the dad said he wanted to be BAPTISED.
Yesterday with two companionships we had 19 investigators in the church 12 of ours and 7 from the others!!!!!!!! the chapel was packed with investigators.
And just to end the day great... I had my first BAPTISM. I BAPTISED   MATEUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I was neurves as heck but it was awesome.
Such a great feeling of success!!! nothing is better. It is nice to have members baptise the investigator because they stay in the ward with the new member and help strengthen them. But it was so sweet to ge to be the one to baptise my investigator for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Lord has blessed me so much. I cant not describe with words how I realy feel. All i know is that every FEAR every DOUGHT and every DIFFICULT TIME   IS WORTH IT. IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!

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