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Lessons From Cancelations - 26 May 2014

So this week did not go as I thought I would. You know how I said I was so excited to see two apostles. Well it got canceled because of some riots and stuff here in sao paulo. The city police were going in to a lot of the cities for security reasons and so all of the busses and trains were closed. All of the missionaries in the mission were directed to stay in our houses the entire day. Nothing happened in Franco da Rocha but we were all really sad about missing the conference.
However, we made the best of it. The night before we were confined to our house we bought everything you need for a nice barbeque in Brazil CHUHASCO!!!! MEAT, SAUSAGE, CHICKEN, A NICE SALAD, GARLIC BREAD. We used our oven as a grill and had a feast all to our selves.
This is the last day of the transfer and I know that I am going to be staying in Franco da Rocha But with who has not been made known yet.
This transfer I have to admit did not go the way I thought it would but I know that I learned so much about my self and really about the missionary that I want to BECOME.  When  got to Franco da Rocha with two senior companions and one of them being  a district leader I thought that this was going to be 'The District transfer " Where every missionary is working perfectly in harmony.....
But after the first few weeks of the transfer something changed. My companions would not get out of bed in the morning. I would wake up study, AT 9 they would sleep on and on and on.... until I was done with my personal study. companion ship study would come around and I would find myself sitting alone as my companions slept on. And so I studied with my companions by myself as they slept on..... until 10. when I would open my language book and practice the language. At about 10:30 they would get up and start getting ready for the day and go to lunch like all was normal......
YES these last three week did not go as I was expecting but there was something that I needed to learn for myself that I think has been one of my biggest trials and definitely something that is apart of who I am.
I like to feel like I fit in with the group. I like to feel like I get along with my companions. And sometimes I would LOOSE sight of what is truly important and would be  willing to do anything just so I wouldn't  have to feel alone.
At the beginning of the transfer I wanted so badly to feel like I had a place in the trio. BUT then I learned what was really important. I think back on the life of the savior and how much of his life time He had to spend ALONE. As I looked back into Jesus the Christ, I made the chose that I would rather be alone With Christ then included With out Him. As I had the opportunity to study ALONE I learned more about my savior and about my purpose as a missionary and my purpose here on earth.
Nothing is ever going to be easy. There are going to be times in our lives when we need to walk alone. I have been praying to God everyday that I can be made stronger so that I can BECOME a better example and not be afraid to walk alone on the path that Christ walked before me.
One thing that I have really come to realize is that every trial in our lives has such a big purpose in our journey back to our Heavenly Father. Sometimes I forget that My purpose is not just to make it back to my Heavenly Father but to BECOME more like him each and every day. 
No matter the trial or the difficulty never forget why we are truly here on this earth.
I love you all so much!!!!!! ;):) I am looking forward to this next chapter of my mission and I pray that the lord will keep helping me to become who he needs me to become.
Photo one and two; This is Jenine and Sergio our last baptism. They are awesome. They have already visited the outside of the temple and had a great experience their. And they made a stop at the book store by the temple and bought all of books and movies made by the church. They read the Book of Mormon every night together and are just learning so much.
The third one is Neilsa. She is going to be our next baptism in a few weeks. She loves the church and is inviting all of her friends to come and hear the lessons. We are working with two of her friends as well.;)
                                                           I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!
                                                           eLDER Jacobson

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