Monday, January 25, 2016

Another Week in Pillar Do Sul!!!! - 31 March 2014


What a week. I know why they say missionary work is the hardest and the best thing you can ever do in you life. HARD because everyday you will work so hard to try and find teach and get people to keep commitments. You will study and practice for hours trying to get down how you are going to teach a lesson to best help the person understand, you will go in and teach as best you can with the spirit doing all you can to help them feel the spirt. And just when you think they understand and are going to do keep a commitment, read the book of Mormon AND be the perfect investigator you have been looking for..... THEY DROP. We had 7 people marked to go to church this week sadly no one showed up. It is always hard. And then you are always left wondering if you did your part or if you should have done something differently. You always feel sad and very discouraged and sometimes you wonder if anyone will ever accept and truly follow the example of Christ. IT is always in this moment that a choice needs to be mad. A choice that will truly determine if you will succeed or fail on your mission. KEEP GOING or TAKE A BREAK.  This week I have noticed that with me and my companion as people have been dropping and appointments fall through we have been sitting and taking little breaks to stop and eat a snack. I noticed that me and my companion had kind of lost the joy of doing missionary work as he started talking about being excited to go home and telling our ward mission leader the same thing after only being in the field 9 months. 
That night we had a good conversation about what we could do to be more excited about the work And we both decided that the key to missionary work is work. We set a goal to just always keep going  and have a smile on our faces. It was a little hard at first but after 5 minutes we just forgot about the troubles and had a good time talking to everyone we saw and knocking on every gate. And had the BEST experiences. We found a lady that said that she had always talked to the missionaries at the gate but never let them in to share a message. We entered her house and shared a message of the Restoration and about the book of Mormon. She said that she would try to come to conference this week with her husband. 
After that we went to a mark appointment ( the family of 10 that we found the week before) When we entered their house one of the filhas said "ow good your here, can you give our mom a blessing, she is not feeling well." We gave here a blessing of health and then she was able to sit up and drink some water. Right after the other daughter that had a baby asked if we could bless her baby that had fallen and hit his head. We gave him a blessing. The spirit was so strong. And I could tell that the family felt it.
 We left right after to get to another appointment. The appointment fell through but all was well. I had to go to the bathroom so we knocked on the door of Member that we have been working a lot with to help Antonio ( He is going to be baptized next week!!!!!!! ) We entered sister Delva's house to find Antonio sitting on the sofa. It was perfect. After I used the bathroom, we talked for a good while and then had a lesson about the Sabbath day. 

What a great lesson I learned that if you just keep going, the hard times will pass and you will find joy. I pray that I will never forget this lesson and always SMILE and KEEP GOING.  

Always remember when times get rough, that you have only failed when you give up.  

                                    SMILE AND KEEP GOING


                                       LOVE ELDER B. JACOBSON


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