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Surprise Transfer - 22 April 2014

Hello family!!!!! 

Yes everything was shut down for the holidays and so would did not have an opportunity to send emails yesterday so we talked to our leaders and they said that we could come and send an email today!!!!! 
This week has been awesome!!! We had the first baptism in pillar do sul in 3 months!!!! ANTONIO!!!!! He is going to be a strong member of the church and help the branch in pillar a lot! We have also been working a lot this week with the members and getting them to our lessons with investigators. members  add so much to the lessons and just help everything go a lot smoother. We had a great lesson the other day with Nino and Luciane. They lived in the united states for a few years and Nino has driven through Utah many times for his work. They speak a little English so it is a lot of fun to talk to them. But yesterday we had a great lesson about the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The lesson was very good and i know that they felt the spirit but Luciane said that she really wasn't sure if she wanted to make such a big change in her life. 
After that it was just up to us to testify, promise blessings and let the spirit do the rest. They are going to read the Book of Mormon together again and say a prayer to know for sure. I know that one day they are going to join the church it is all just a matter of time. Making changes like this is very hard, but the lord always provides a way. However I will not be teaching them more because much to my surprise I GOT TRANSFERED. I still don't believe it. I have grown to love the ward in Pillar do Sul and leaving will be hard. my new area is FRANCO DA ROCHA and I'm going to be in a TRIO with elder LUCAS and elder MARROY. How cool is that!!!! I am very excited to work in this new area and serve the people the best I can. I Know that the lord has  a special work for me to do just as he had for me here. 
I look forward to all of the things i will learn in this next chapter of my mission. Every week has brought something new. and every experience is helping me learn more and more about my strengths and weaknesses and what I can do to be better.

 But the best of all is the growth in my testimony of this gospel. I know that it is true with all my heart and I know that we have a father in heaven that is overlooking every event in our lives. I know that we can put our trust in him and he will lead us through the times of difficulty. The key is that we have to follow him for him to be able to lead us to light. The gospel is our way back to our father in heaven. It is through our savior that we can be freed from all difficulties and return and live this out father again. 

I love you all so much!!!!!!! 

                                                    have a great week!!! 
                                        Elder B. Jacobson

We had a night here when the moon was red!!! 

This is the family of Antonio at the baptism. They are not members...... YET 

this one is special for you mom. the baby dolls in Brazil are a little special

we got a chocolate heart from a member in the ward!!!! 

it was a very good strawberry filling on the inside!!!!! yum!!!!!

this is my "Dad" Elder Jacobs

my last district, I don't know why it came out so bad on the computer

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