Sunday, January 24, 2016

Last P-Day of Transfer 4 - 10 March 2014

Hi Family that I love so much !!!!!! 

Every week here has been a great learning experience for me. I have never had to rely on the lord so much in my life but I know that he has been leading and preparing me as I pray to him with humility. 
I found a great scripture in 1ne. that I have been thinking about all week about how when Lehi's family turned to the lord, they were led through their trials and the lord always had a way for them. As I have been reading the book of Mormon this week I have gained a stronger testimony of this part in The Book of Mormon and that really when the Lord has a commandment for his children to do He always has a way for them to do it if they turn to Him with humility and ask for guidance. 
          This week, at the end of the transfer, a lot of our investigators have dropped and even our best one Antonio. Antonio has gone to church 3 times and loves it, I know that he feels the spirit every time and knows that it is true. But yesterday we went to go visit him after church because he did not come. 
He said that he went to his church with his "wife" (they aren't married) and said that he liked his own church and didn't want to change. 
             It was the worst feeling I have ever felt. Its hard because I know that he wants to be part of our church but his wife wants nothing to do with it. I have a feeling that it is because of her that he wont be baptized. All we could do was bare our testimonies that this gospel is true and it is the only way to live with your family forever. I can only hope that one day he will be prepared maybe when I'm here or with some other Elders. I know that he will never forget and I know that one day he will be baptized in the church. I just have to always remember that the lord has a plan for all the people here. We are here to find the people and to plant seeds in peoples hearts. And if my role in the lords work is to plant the seed then I will plant all that I can. And just like Nephi, I know that the lord will provide a way. 
           I love you all so much 
Have a great week!!!!!!! 

                                    Elder B. Jacobson

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