Wednesday, March 5, 2014

25. Been a little frustrated this week - 3 March 2014

Hello family!!! 

What a fast week. I cant believe I only have one more p-day before this transfer is over!!! nuts. Have to admit I have been a little frustrated this week because people are just not keeping commitments or just don't want to hear the message of the restored gospel. 
I remember early in the week we talked to this girl that was next to one of our potential investigators. We clapped at here gate and talked to here about the gospel of Jesus Christ and that God has a plan for us. 
The entire time she seemed to be soaking it all in and seemed very excited. We bore our testimonies that she could pray to God and know that these things are true. she said she would and told us that she thought that what we were doing was very special. 

She even said that my accent was very pretty. 

Man did she have us both fooled. We clapped at the next house and tried to get in but after about 5 minutes of answering questions and bearing testimony they denied our invitation. We turned to leave and saw the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet on the ground crumpled up. 

I know that these times o difficulty will be but a small while and this week has been a great opportunity to take a step back and look at what we are doing and what we need to do better. I have been reading Preach my gospel and the White hand book to see what I can do to improve. I have found somethings that I know I need to do better. 

Thetas the thing about missionary work is that you can never settle. you have to always be looking for things that you can do better. how you can invite the spirit into the lessons better. I have been studding about how I can better recognize and live worthy to have the spirit always in my work. I know that as I do my very best to obey all the mission rules the lord will bless us and we will be able to have a stronger spirit with us. For if you have not the spirit you can not teach. Oh how true it is. 

I am excited for this week to improve and learn more about how I can be better.

I love you all so much. One thing that people don't seemed to understand is how our church different, why it is important to do everything with authority. IT is because the priesthood power that the church has is the sealing power that binds every earthly thing to heaven. It is the only way to make everything eternal. My mindset has finally changed. I am not here to baptize people I am here to help them do the things that are going to last throughout eternity. The things that everyone must do to receive eternal joy. The same joy that I have because I know I have you all forever. Being away from you is hard and I miss you so much but I know that we will be forever. that is a blessing that not everyone has. And that is why I am here, to give these people all that I have. 

I love you all so much. Thank you for every prayer. 

                                                       até o próximo 

                                                 Love Elder B. Jacobson

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