Wednesday, March 5, 2014



This has been a crazy week. So you know how i said that i would be staying in Vila Maria. Well I GOT TRANSFERRED"!!!! I still don't believe it. I am with Elder Costa in PILLAR DO SOL!!!! I love this place so much, the heat is like the summer in Texas and there are individual houses here. I have some great pictures!!!!!

Almost everyone here lets us come in and share a message. I dint know what it is like trying to reteach anyone yet but i hope they are just as receptive to the end. If they are we could be getting allot of baptisms in the next couple of weeks. We have i think 3 people close to baptisms but i have not met them yet.

We have been so busy. I have been here 6 days and i still haven't had time to unpack my stuff. WORK WORK WORK!!!! Its the best.

My companion is great. The first day we had a little trouble getting used to each other. I was being a little to aggressive in trying to figure out what these his investigators had been taught and what they needed. It was after our first lesson I didn't know where they were in the lessons and Elder Costa started talking about the Restoration, Gospel of Jesus Christ and The Plan of salvation all at once. I was so confused and did not know what parts he wanted me to say. That night i tried to ask him about it ( all in Portuguese, he does not speak
English) and he pulled the ' I have 9 months and you have 4 you need to do what i say" We were not understanding each other at all. We did not have the spirit at all. That night i prayed so hard that we would be able to work everything out. I got a prompting to just take a step back and observe the situation before I start tying to change things.

After that we have not had a single problem and the work is going great.

The ward is also great. Very very small. The bishop is very young and does not have councilors


CHICKEN  HEART  I have a picture.

                                                              I love you all so much!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!

    Elder B. Jacobson

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