Wednesday, March 5, 2014

24. I have one other story for you all

Hello Everyone, 

This has been a very interesting week. 

First i want to tell you about a very cool investigator we have. His name in Antoinio. we found him 5 days ago and taught him the first lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon. He was very excited about it and said that he would read and pray to know that it was true. We felt a prompting to come to church when he knew that our message was true. He said 'When i know its true ill come to your church" 

We talked with a member,  to see if he knew Antonio. they live two houses away from each other. He said he did. so we asked O. if he could help us fellowship him. He was happy to do so. Yesterday Antonio came to church with the help of Orlando. And tonight we are going to teach a lessons at O. house with Antonio and watch the Restoration video.
It is great to see what can happen when the members and missionaries work together. 

I have one other story for you all,
We got a call from our Ward mission leader at 3 in the morning from Edson, our ward mission leader. my companion was telling me to get up we had to go but he did not tell me why. we met our ward mission leader outside of our apartment and he asked if i had oil. I did only because i leave it on our house key chain. at that point i knew we were going to give a blessing but i did not know what for. we drove four blocks or so from our house and edson parked the car on the side of the road next to the only house that had lights on. 
when i got out i heard a woman yelling something over and over again but i did not understand what. To be honest i thought she was having a baby. 
When we walked into the house i saw the woman laying on the bed kicking and screaming. two men we trying to hold her down. she was spitting and shaking.    So you know how in the scriptures how you always read about how Jesus was always casting out devils. A few days before this i was thinking about how i had never seen a person  that had a ``devil`` in them. i guess there's a first time for everything. Edsom had to hold her head down so we could bless her. Elder Costa did the oil and I did the blessing. ALL i could say was feel the love the savior has for you and to be at peace. We left the room, she struggled a little more but 3 min. after the blessing she stopped screaming. I could hear nothing from inside the room and as far as I know she was fine after that moment. 

Never did I think I would witness something like that in my life. The power that Jesus Christ has is real and it continues to work through his priesthood. I know that through Christ we can perform miracles  on this earth through our faith. The power of God is real. I know that we truly can do all things through it. Always have the faith that everything is possible to those that believe. 

I love you all so much!! have a great week.


                                      Elder B. Jacobson

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