Wednesday, March 5, 2014

23. Today is the first time i have felt cold since I left the MTC!

Another great week in Pillar do sol. 

Today is the first time i have felt cold since I left the MTC. It Feels wonderful.
Me and elder c. have been finding all sorts of new people here. like i said before, its easy to find but almost impossible to hold on to them. All of the investigators seem to drop at the same moment, right after you teach the commandments. And i know exactly why, cuz we are asking them to do hard things in order to receive the great blessings. I think most people are afraid to do those hard things. That is why faith is so important and is the first principle of the gospel. You have to have faith before you can do anything else. So this week i have been studding the third lesson: the gospel of Jesus Christ to see what i can change in my teaching to help the people understand that they have to have faith and do the things before they can receive the witness and the blessings. 

And that is when i found "Jesus the Christ" 

I started reading it this week and have not been able to put it down. I read it at every opportunity, at the bus stops, before bed, study time. All day today!!!! CANT WAIT..

If you have this book at home somewhere start reading it, Its the biggest book in the gospel library you bought me and Andrew for our missions. I am learning how to  be a better teacher right from the example of Jesus Christ. I am learning from him how i can respond to the problems that the people here have. I am learning how to help people have a desire to follow the example of Jesus Christ. 

This morning as i went back to the start to study a little part about pre earth life, I learned about the first and second estate that our father in heaven has for us. And i realized that we win the Second estate the same way we won the first, by conforming our lives to the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ has always been the key to our fathers plan from the very very beginning and truly it is all we need to do to receive and be all that our father in heaven is. 
As I have studies this book I have learned more of who my father in heaven is and who I am trying to become. I have learned exactly what i need to do to return and live with him again. And i have found my faith, testimony,and love in and of my savior Jesus Christ. I have found new purpose of every trial, every sorrow and every time of difficulty, and once again i have learned that through the savior NOTHING is impossible. And I know that when WE follow the savior we have access to all of his wondrous works and power that can help us become who our father in heaven wants us to become.  

I know more then I have ever known in my life that God is my literal father, I am his son, Jesus Christ is my Brother and my savior and every person on earth is apart of the great family of GOD. A family that needs to hear the truth of the gospel in a way that will give them a strong desire to follow the savior and carry the cross.  To have the faith, to follow, and endure to the end. IT WILL NOT BE EASY cuz it was not easy for our lord and savior either. But through our savior JESUS CHRIST  it will be nothing but worth every difficulty.

I love you all have a great week

elder jacobson   b 

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