Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I miss you all so much, I have been thinking of you all this whole week. There is a kid in my new ward that is just like Daniel. And his name is Daniel also. He is just full of smart comments. haha. I hope all is going well with you guys. sounds like your having lots of fun with the chickens. haha.

Oh my gosh I am so tired i am going to write this email and then go home and sleep the day away!!!!! I cant wait. We have been finding so many people that seem like will have so much potential but to be honest we hardly get a second appointment in with these people. Its so frustrating. Its almost like they dropped of the planet.

Our best investigator of the week Claytom, after we taught him the The gospel of Jesus Christ, he committed to a baptism date, committed to come to church and prayed and knew that our message was true. He talked to his mom and she wanted to go to church too. We marked a time to come get them and bring them to church the next Sunday........ SADLY when we went to get them. there was no one in the house:(  DARN SO CLOSE. Hopefully this week we can find him and teach him more.

Sunday at church I was so tired, it doesn't hit you until you stop moving. It is so embarrassing (sorry i cant spell anymore and i don't have spell check in English over here) cuz I fell asleep in gospel principles class,  the teacher asked me to read, i woke up in time to hear my name but i had no idea where we were. haha oh well. It will all be worth it when we have our first baptisms this week with fingers crossed.

We have a father of a member family that has not been baptized. We went to his house and shared a message. His family Shared their testimonies and a new convert shared hers. Then Elder C. asked him para ser batizado he said that he would think about it.

Every day i am just reminded how much the lord is in control of everything we do here. and i know that if we are doing our part then the lord will provided a way for us to do all that he has for us.
I know that this is true and i know the same is true for all of you in your missionary efforts.

                           Open your mouth and the lord will fill it.

I know that this is true.

I love you all so much


                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD 
                        PAI, FALIS ANIVERSARIO
                                     PARA BENS 
                           VOCE TEM QUANTO AGORA......CEM    

                                         love Elder Bryan Jacobson

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