Monday, January 25, 2016

Week One of Transfer 5!!!!! - 17 March 2014

Gosh can you believe it!!! another week has gone by. In just one more week I will have 6 months under my belt!!!! its so crazy. This week I have learned so much about myself and what I am able to do when I put my trust in the lord with a humble heart. 

      You all know me, I am horrible at remembering street names, where people live, directions and all that stuff. Hahah well being that my new companion does not know the area I have to be the one that leads the way to our appointments. This has always been the thing I am most afraid of. haha "just get me to the house and ill be fine" haha. 

       The first day was the worst I was panicking and could not find anyone. but that night I had a nice long conversation with my father and heaven. What a wonderful opportunity it has been to turn to my father in heaven in my times of difficulty and see how he will lift me and make me stronger to be able to do the work that I need to do for him. I feel like I am literally being led by angels from one house to the next finding the people that have been prepared to here the gospel. We are going to baptize Antonio this week. We just ran into him in the bank this morning. I know with all my heart God is placing him in our path for a reason. 

        This morning I had the opportunity to study in the book of Moses. I love learning about the creation and the plan of salvation. One this that I leaned this morning was how every part of the gospel was so carefully planned out by our father in heaven from the very beginning and the teachings of Jesus Christ have always been the path back to our fathers home in heaven. 

        I learn so much here. Everyday is such a miracle, the more I learn the more I want to share the message of the gospel to the world. And the more I open my mouth the more joy I feel from living the Gospel. I feel that I am learning to see the world how God sees it. I am learning exactly how he feels when his children fall short of their potential. 

Here as a missionary you learn to see the people as God sees them. You see what the gospel can bring to their lives and you want that for them just as God wants the salvation of all men. I have learned how God must feel when I don't do all that he knows I can do. 

         I know that we are on this earth to prepare for something great and I know that every trial will help us become what our father in heaven needs us to become. Everything is part of his plan. Have faith. pray. And god will always provide a way through every difficulty. I know that this is the work of the lord and that if I turn to the lord, I will be able to accomplish my part in his great plan. 

         I love you all so much!!! have a great week. 


                         Elder Bryan Jacobson

my ward mission leader and family

our barber

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