Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week 2 of transfer 5 - 24 March 2014

Me and my companion have been working so hard this week. The first week of the transfer I was a little stressed and not being as productive as I can be when I calm down and just breath. I just need to remember that if I put my trust in the savior he will provide a way. I have made an effort to not worry about the things that don't really matter in missionary work and just open my mouth at all times and in all places. And I know that the lord truly had prepared and will continue to prepare a way for us. 

sorry I just sent that..... 

Two days ago we were working on a road that I have always liked because of the road name. R Jôao Batista. I was always telling my other companion that we were going to find a family that lived on this road and baptize them. Well with him we did not find anyone but, me and Elder M. Sousa visited this road again the other night and saw this kid ridding on a skate board.(I THINK HE SAID HE WAS 12) We stopped and talked to him asked his name.... And then he asked me where I was from. I told him the united states and then we introduced ourselves as the missionaries and asked if we could visit his family. 

He said ´ya, my house is right here"

We entered his house and found that it was full of people. We learned that they were all family for the most part and gathered every Saturday night to have a little party. we introduced ourselves to them and talked a little bit about their family. Then we told them why we were here. I told them I was from Texas and stuff. Then we shared the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ . They marked for a return appointment and we gained 10 new investigator in 1 hour. We just continue to pray that we will know what to do and what to say to help them. 

This week we have made a goal to work more closely with the ward. We talked with our mission leader about what we could do to help the ward. We organized a movie night to bring the ward together with our investigators to watch The Book of Mormon Movie. I made little invitations to hand out to members and investigators. We have been visiting less actives and trying o get them to come as well. I hope that it will help make the ward stronger. 

This next week we are working with a member to arrange for a time to meet with a referral from the ward. She lived in Boston and speaks a little English. We are going to teach here with a sister from the ward. It should be a great experience. I have to admit I am really excited to be able to speak a little English with her!!!! :)

And the best news for last!! we are finally going to have a baptism in pillar do sul!!!!! Next week for Antonio!!!! He is so excited and when we were in doctrine principles class he bore his testimony and started to cry. We are going to teach him at a members house just to make sure he understands everything. But I know that the lord has prepared him.  

Well I love you all so much!!! Have a great week!!!!!! 

                           Elder B, Jacobson

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