Monday, January 25, 2016

!!! - 5 May 2014

Hello family!!!!!
I am so excited for next Sunday!!!!!!!!!! We are going to be at a members house at 4 pm Sunday afternoon to skype!!!!!!!!!! and I think I have the information written down in one of my planners;) In my new ward we have a mom here with a son on a mission. Mom she reminded me of you. She id freaking out because she is going to be talking to her son on skype next Sunday as well. She was screaming in the church hall way as she told the story of her last skype call with her son. haha It was Hilarious.
This week has been great for the work!! we had the baptism of Rebeca a 18 year old that has so much energy. She loves the gospel so much and jut wants to learn more and more. all the members were baring their testimonies at her baptism and a lot of tears were shed. Her Parents which are not members were there as well to watch the baptism. They also were crying. The next day in sacrament meeting she received the Holy Ghost And bore here testimony.
picture one: this is the picture with the bishop, parents, and the friend of Rebecca.
It has been hard finding my place here in franco da rocha in a trio but the power that comes from three is so awesome. We have worked out the rough spots.... for the most part and are having a great time working together to teach and testify. It truly has been such a blessing and I have learned so much from my companions.
picture 3: here is a picture of our pizza party after the baptism!!!
the next three are of me and my companions in FRANCO DA ROCHA
I had the wonderful opportunity to eat chicken feet. YUM YUM
I just want you all to know that I love you so much. hope you have a great week and ILL see you on SUNDAY!!!!!!!!
                                           Elder Jacobson (BRYAN)

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