Monday, December 2, 2013

11. Another great week on the mission!

oi Familia!!!!! 

This has been another great week on the mission. Full of many great learning moments. This week I went on splits with Elder Merker. Haha he is a great missionary. We spent one day in my area going through the appointments that we had. We had two great lessons that day. One to Wesely, we talked to him about the Book of Mormon. He thinks it all makes sense and he feels good when he reads it. We are going to get him to come to church next week. And then we taught a little boy named Ozmor. He is EIGHT years old and wants to be baptized. When Elder Merker and I went to teach him, he said that when he read and prayed about the Book of Mormon he felt good and that he knew that baptism was the right thing for him to do!!!!!!!! It is such a strength to my own testimony when I see an 8 year old read and gain a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He truly has been prepared by the Lord. 

Last Thursday we had our first zone conference. All of the missionaries met in a church building about 40 minutes away by bus. I don't really know where it was. We were instructed by President Martins about how to be better missionaries. It was all in Portuguese so I didn't really get a lot out of it but I did feel the spirit comfort me and I learned once again that I am in the Lords hands. I am looking back on some of the trials that I have had in the past and I am seeing now how some of them have prepared me for the trials God knew I would go through here. He is so aware of me I can not tell you the number of times I have felt the comfort of the Holy Ghost telling me that everything will be okay. And it will because God has a plan for me and he will help mr fulfill that plan. 

Friday night the ward had a ward party!!! It was a great chance to get to meet some of the members of the ward. It was supposed to be a huge missionary effort but only one nonmember was at the party. haha o well, we got her address and are going to talk to her this week. 

Saturday morning, Elder Ahmed and I had the opportunity to go to a convention of non profitable organizations. The Mormon Helping Hands had a huge booth set up and I got to go and talk about what Mormon helping hands was. Hahah it was realy cool. I might show up in the Ensign here. 

Sunday we had lunch at a really rich members house. HUGE HOUSE.  There was so much food holy cow . But it was an exciting lunch because a huge family fight broke out. I didn't understand what they were yelling about so I just kept eating and trying not to laugh to hard. One of these days ill get it. 

I have been watching the district this week and as I have I have found a new excitement to learn the language faster and apply what they do to my mission. I know that god is on my side and with Him, I will be a great missionary. 

Thank you all for your support. I love you so much!!!!!!!! 
Talk to you next week,

                                                      Elder Jacobson

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