Monday, December 23, 2013

13. We had our first BAPTISM!

oi família, Este semeia foi moito bom!!! On tuesday I had the oppertunity to go on splits with a group of all greenies!!! hahah. their was three of us with close to the same amout of time out in the field. It was realy fun trying to talk to people. I learned a great lesson this day. As I watched these new elders, like myself, talk to everyone they saw not caring that they couldn't speak perfectly. They were such a great example to me because I am afraid to try to do street contacts cuz I haven't figured out all the words to say it but now I have decided to let go of my fears and just do it. Just open my mouth and let the words come out. I have seen in lessons this week that words have been coming to my mouth that I did not think I would be capable of saying. And I have seen that through the Lords help I have been able to be bring joy to peoples lives. I also got to go on splits with Elder Da Silva. He is a Brazilian that has been searving for about a year and a half. It WAS SO MUCH FUN. We found two new investigators and taught them the 3rd lesson, The Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the best feeling to see peoples faces light up when they hear this message. Here in Brazil one of the cool things to do is fly kites!!!! Everyone is always in the strees flying these kites around. Its realy cool. When I was with Elder Da Silva we walked down a street and could see close to 50 kites in the air. One of the boys flying a kite ran unto me and asked me if i had ever flown a kite before and how I would say his name in English. haha. I have a picture of us holding one of the kites that fell inside the gate of the chapel. haha Me and Elder Ahmed are still getting fed so much food. Next saterday we are going to be eating at a members house. The member said that I did not eat enough and that I had to eat 4 plates piled high!!!! In reply I told him I would eat 5. (I dont know what i was thinking) I am going to do a special fast before I go to this lunch appointment. haha And I saved the highlight of the week for last!!!!!! We had our first BAPTISM for Lucas!! Lucas was one of the first people I visited and taught here. He was fellowshipped by the ward mission leader. It was perfect. I know that the Lord was preparing Lucas for this moment in his life because he has been ready for a very long time he just needed to find it. Every day I feel so blessed to have the oppertunity to meet so many humble and loving people. I have never experienced anything like it. People here are ready and waiting. waiting for me to clap at their gate. I love you all so much and I am so greatful for this oppertunity to be here in Brazil on my mission. I am so grateful for the gospel and for all that it was done for me in my life and above all I am grateful that I have the oppertunity to share it with others. Love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Bryan Jacobson PS Answer to your questions, Well for our toilet we fill a bucket of water and bump it in to flush it. Clapping at the gate instead of knocing on doors or ringing doorbells is new. All the food I eat is normal:) YAAAH!

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