Monday, December 23, 2013

12. He has always had a plan for me

oi. familia!!!! Another busy week!!! The work is really picking up this week. We have three investigators with a baptismal date set with 5 more progressing. And on top of that we found 16 new investigators this week!!!!!! The Lord has blessed us greatly. I just continue to pray that the Lord will allow us to say the words that we need to say to get these people to understand and feel the spirit testify to them. It is so cool to see the people we teach show their faith by being willing to follow the commandments of God. Yesterday at church we had 7 investigators attend sacrament meeting. This week has clearly taught me that the Lord has prepared people to hear the message of the gospel of Jesus christ. I have been reminded that everyone on this earth already knows the truth of this message, they just have to be reminded. So somthing realy cool happened last night. It was poring rain and i was soaked . My companion & I went back to our house to drop some papers off before they got wet. Then my companion asked if I wanted to go to our last appointment or stay home and study. Our last appointment was not marked and it was with an investigator that was unsure about us coming. We had gone to his house five times before and had not once gotten in. But I know that I would not feel good about staying in early so I told my companion that I wanted to go and see if we could talk to Migel. So we walked to his house in the rain. But this time we got to talk to him. At first Migel was hesitant to talk to us but after about a minute he opened right up to us and we talked to him about some of his concerns. He had alot of questions about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. My companion taught a great lesson and Migel understood. We marked a date to go back!!!! I pray that we can keep making progress with him. This story has testified to me that when we do the things that we are supposed to do the Lord blesses us. And that is what this gospel is all about, doing the things god asks us so that we can be happy in this life and in the life to come. I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers, I have felt at peace this week because of them. I know that my Father in Heaven is looking after me. He has always had a plan for me and now parts of that plan are revieled to me each day. LOVE YOU. Elder B. Jacobson

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