Wednesday, February 19, 2014

18. New mission president in July

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful emails. They bring me so much comfort. 

Every day I am being taught new things about myself and about how the lords woks. It is so amazing to see how my mission plays out in the next couple of weeks. My trainer goes home in two weeks which means  I am going to be in charge of Vila Maria. Scary thought! I feel so inadequate. 
But I have faith that the lord has called me here and that he is going to provide a way for his work to be done. I know that he is helping me every step of the way.

Every morning during companionship study I have the hardest time getting the words to come out of my mouth. I never liked role playing very much. its hard and awkward for me I don't know why. Every time I can never get the words to come out, I feel frustrated and wonder why the words will not come out in a clear manner. BUT then we go and teach an investigator, we start with a pray and follow up, and when it is my turn to speak or when  feel prompted to speak, the words come out. They always do and the spirit is strong. Every day I seem to forget that I am not here to teach but i am here to invite the spirit so that it can teach. I have to always remember that god is going to provide the way. 
I have always loved 1 ne. 3;7 
I used to read this scripture and know that god would provide a way for me to speak but I have learned that that might not be the case this scripture also means that God will provide a way for the people to understand, understand through the spirit that the message is true and gain the desire to follow Christ. 

We are getting a new mission president in July. we just got sent a picture in our weekly report. i'll see if I can send it to you guys. 

I love you all so much!!!! 


                                              Elder B. Jacobson 

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