Wednesday, February 19, 2014

17. FALEIS ANO NOVO!!!! 2014!!!!

oi Familia!!! 
Eu amo você moito!!! 
FALEIS ANO NOVO!!!! 2014!!!!  
It has been another great week out in the mission field. 
One of our investigators Abram, COMMITTED TO BE BAPTIZED and he cam to church for the first time yesterday. He AWESOME!!!! Ever since we met Abram he has been so excited to learn more about the gospel and to read the Book of Mormon. He reads the Book of Mormon and asked us for the church website so he could find out more about the church. We are teaching the rest of his siblings but they are not as receptive. I have a feeling that Abrams family might be a little problem for Abram but i know its nothing the lord can't handle. 
We also had Ana Maria at church this week for the first time. She loved the church. She also has a baptismal date marked for the end of the month. 
Along with them we have 5 other people marked on the calender for baptism. I just have to tell you that these people were truly prepared by the lord. They are ready before we even knock on the door. 
Everyday i am reminded how much the lord is in control of our lives, and when we trust him, everything works out. 


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