Wednesday, February 19, 2014

19. There was a long pause....then he said yes.

Wow mom that was such a cool story about the lady. I know that you are going to do so many great things with the knowledge you have gained about EPT. I know that as you continue to follow the spirit the lord will give you more opportunities to serve Him. 
God is really in control of our lives and when we put our trust in Him He provides a way. 

This week Me and Elder Ahmed have had a really cool experience.
 We taught a part member family, every one is a member except for the dad. The ward and other sets of missionaries have been trying to get him to be baptized for quite awhile now but he never thought he was ready. This week me, Elder Ahmed, and the stake president went to talk to him. We gave a spiritual thought and felt prompted to talk about baptism. Then we asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. There was a long pause....then he said yes. His wife was crying and then bore her testimony. The spirit was so strong. He is going to be Baptized next Sunday after stake conference!!!!!!!! 

This week i had the opportunity to go on another split in Vila Medadus. I love serving with the elders there. One on them, Elder Youd is the funniest Elder i have ever met. He has such a strong testimony of the Gospel and is very good at connecting with the investigators. I have learned so much from him the few times i have had the opportunity to serve  with him. 

this picture is my on divisions!!!!! 

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  1. Bryan - I loved reading about the tremendous experiences you are having.

    I was sorry to hear that there was a mix-up with the mailing address for your mission. We have been sending a family newsletter each week, and we just starting receiving back (from those we sent in November). We mailed them off again this morning, along with the current newsletters, so with a bit of luck you will have a bunch of mail in a few weeks.