Sunday, October 2, 2016

AWESOME - 3 August 2015

Hello Everybody!!
This week was Awesome!! 
Me and Elder are working great together!!!  My camera isn't working in this computer so i'll send them later today if I ca, but we had a week full of miracles. 

KAROL was so excited this entire week to be baptized and on Sunday she was just beaming when she got out of the water. The ward is so excited to have her in the ward. She is 19 and is already thinking about serving a mission. haha

GABRIEL, ISABELA,LUIZA ARE siblings that were baptized together yesterday as well. They are a family ELEITA! Their mom loves the church but can't be baptized yet because she needs to get married first. But she is already helping the missionaries a lot.
We are making a t shirt for the zone and she is going to make the shirts for us!! She is so excited about the church and every time we go and teach her and her family they get more and more excited!!!!! 
I am so happy to be here with Elder Flores again!! We are CONSEGRADOS!!!
I am so tired but I am loving every minute of this transfer!! I just keep seeing how far I can push myself. Sometimes it is frustrating because I feel so weak but I know that the lord is allowing me to see my weaknesses so that I can be strengthened. 

Can I just say I love ETHER 12 27 
                     Elder B. Jacobson


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