Sunday, October 2, 2016

Back in V. Maria!! - 17 August 2015

This week I literally got a little taste of heaven!!! 
I had the opportunity to spend Wednesday and Thursday in Vila Maria with Elder Reasch!! Such a great time having the opportunity to work in V. Maria for the first time after leaving the first time when this entire adventure started!! 
Working in some of the same streets that I knew so well was a wonderful feeling. 
But the best part was when I had the opportunity to see my first recent convert on my mission!!!! I was filled with so much joy to see her firm in the church! Her eyes were glowing. I was so proud of her for staying so firm in the gospel because her parents went less active but she has stayed all this time strong all by her self!! 
I was dying to give her a huge hug but I couldn´t. 
But I feel that with this experience I got a small taste of how heaven will feel like when I get to see all the people I love and all the people I got to help ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! 
I love this gospel and I love being here in Brazil!!!! And this last week is going to be the best week yet!! 
Love you all so much!!! 

The picture is of Elida, my first baptism.  She has grown a little taller and sadly I've grown a little fatter!!  hahah so much has come from a small see that was planted two years ago!!  Such a wonderful feeling!!!!!
Elder B. Jacobson

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