Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 1 in JADIM MUDELO!!!! - 8 June 2015

Hello Everyone!!! 
I am back were I started and so excited to be here!!! I am soo happy to be here again and was the perfect remedy to cure any ounce of trunckiness that I might have had!!! haha!! I am just loving being in the same zone in which I started this adventure!!!! 
This week has been so crazy!!! I have been trying to plan so many things to get all of the elder excited to work. I am with a lot of elders that I have become really good friends with!!! I got to the zone and I had already gotten to know almost everyone in other places so it is going to be a lot of fun working with them again. 
Me and Elder Agierres have started the transfer off good. We have a family of 10 that had already gone to church before!! they were a contact on the bus. The eleitos are always on the bus!!! We brought them all to church yesterday and they liked it a lot!!! 

I have gotten to see some of the members already from my old ward here in VIla Maria! AND TO MY SUPRISE THEY ALL REMEMBER Me. the only difference is that this time I can understand them!!!! wow what a difference it makes!! hahah 

This week I got to do a division after only 3 days in my area!! haha that was fun. I am still getting to know that area here but it went very well. I was able to follow up with all of our investigators. I was just not able to find others because it took so long to try and find the houses of everyone. and going to the last house I got really lost!! hahah but it was a good day!!! It brings me back to my first division in vila maria when I fell down a drain on the side walk!!! wow its been awhile!! haha 
I am loving it here!!! 
I love you all so much!! Ill have more stories next week when I have more time  here!!! 
Love  you!!!! 

Elder Bryan Jacobson

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