Sunday, May 8, 2016

Another Transfer - 1 June 2015

Hello Everyone!!
This week we have transfers and to my surprise I am going to be transfer again!! I am going to zone JAÇANA. this was my first zone on my mission!!! I am so excited. I am going to be Zone Leader for the last two AND AM SO EXCITTED TO BE ABLE TO GO ON DIVISIONS WITH Vila Maria, my very first area in the field. I have a lot of planning to do before tomorrow comes so this is going to be short. but I did want to tell you about something really cool that happened this week!!
I was on divisions with the zone leaders getting some interviews done when we got to the last interview of the day. ELIANE. Elder Farias went into a room with her and they started the interview. And the interview just went on..... and on.....and on.....and on..... and on.... It was the longest interview I have ever witnessed. I was horribly worried about what was going on. Thinking of all the things that could have gone wrong. hahah. and it just went on......
After about an hour and a half the door to the room finally opened!! Elaine was crying and went into the bathroom!! Elder Farias waited to come out of the room until Elaine came out of the bathroom. When they both came into the room. Eliana Smiled and said she was going to be baptized!!! She just seemed to glow.
After we left the house I asked what had happened.
Elder Fariss said that nothing bad had happened, they were just talking and talking. Elaine in the interview had said that she wanted to be alleviated from her spiritual but also physical pain! So Elder Faries gave her a blessing and he told me after that he knew that she would be healed after her baptism. He did not explain anything more but he just knew.
That night After her Baptism she was just glowing!! so happy and her family is now united in the church.
This week has been such a blessing!! This is the best part of the mission!! three generations of this family are members now!!

I am so grateful for this gospel and for every opportunity I have to help others have the same opportunity that I have: To just start over.
I love you all soo much!!! have a great week

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