Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tests of Sabbath and Sickness - 9 February 2015

Hello everyone!! 
This week has brought some changes that I was not expecting!! first: the transfers got changed at the last moment and now my old companion is not in Jargim California with us but he is in our zone! The area of the zone leaders got moved and now the zone leaders are living with us!! It has been a little different but it has been a lot of fun! The zone leaders are very excited and talk of nothing but baptism...... this change has brought some trials as my zone leader has burned me quite a few times this week. I am just trying as hard as I can to not let my pride get in the way of keeping the spirit with me!! it has been so hard but I just learning to breath say a pray and keep going and tying to do my best. My companion has helped me a lot and we have worked out most of the problems!! 

We have been working like crazy to help KATIELE e Danilo!! They are just having everything thrown at them!! on Sunday when we went to go get them to come to church they told us that they could not go because this guy dropped of two cars and a motorcycle for Danilo to wash at his car wash. Danilo decided to stay to wash the cars and go to church next week!!! 

I know that it was a test to see if he would keep the Sabbath day or not and the Lord had to test Danilo´s faith. 
Danilo said that he has already decided to close his shop on Sunday from now on!! 
Danilo and Katiele are still both having a very difficult time overcoming their addictions to smoking!! We got some advice for them to make a tea out of the cigarettes that they have to drink that will take away the desire they have to smoke!! hahaha I sure hope it works!!! 

Marcelo went to church this week and he is loving learning with the youth and having a group of friends that are good examples!! 

Vanha e Marlos are all ready to be baptize next week and have made invitations for everyone to come and see!! The are so excited!!! This week we are going to start helping one of their sons go on a mission!!! 
Elder Flories got very sick this week and I have been to the hospital with him twice this week already and we are going to have to go back tomorrow!! Please pray for him! He is probably going to have to stay at home for 3 or 4 days. We are planning for a member to stay with him and for me to leave with a member to keep in contact with our investigators. We are probably going to use this opportunity to work every day with VANHA E MARLOS´S son that hasn't been on  a mission yet. we are thinking that we can maybe get him excited to go if he sees how it is for a week!! 

We'll keep planning and see what we can do to help him!! I am hopping I can work with him the entire week!!! It would be like how it was when I went on my mini mission!! 

And finally we had the baptism of Sister Fernanda!!! She was baptized by the bishop and has gotten to know the ward really well already!! She is going to be a great strength to this ward!! 
I love you all so much!!! Have a great week!! 

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