Sunday, May 1, 2016

Marriage House - 26 January 2015

Hi Everyone!!! 
wow how the time is just flying by I feel like I cant keep up with it anymore!!! 
but this week was awesome!! 

We started the week with a special conference by President Farns!! He talked a lot about teaching the people what they need to here and not just teaching lessons!! it was awesome and so true! All these people are children of god and they need what we have and that is why we do all we can to help them have it.
Elder Flories and I had to leave early so that we could help Katiele and Danilo get MARRIED!! We got to go to the marriage house and help them sign the papers and get everything done legal. then we got to take a ton of pictures!! They are going to have a nice wedding and everything in the church in two weeks!! the ward is planning a huge party for them and then we are going to have their baptism the same night!! It was so cool I have never seen a couple trying to follow the gospel with so much desire to do everything right!! they have progressed so much and it has been such a blessing to see how the gospel has already started to bless their lives. They are really applying the gospel to help them get through the difficult times and they are anther living testimony of how the lord makes weaknesses strong.
We also got to help AMANDA come into the church!! She is the one in the white!!! hahah ever since she was confirmed a member of the church she has just lit up!! you can just tell that she is so much happier in her life and she is feeling the peace of a supporting ward and loving heavenly father!! It has been such a blessing to see her enter the gate all by her self. for now she is the only member in her family and is such an example of faith!! I am so impressed by the faith of the youth here in Brasil!! Sorry adults but the youth are way more in tune with the spirit here then most of the older people. haha. and they are coming in strong!!!
Can I just say once again that I now this gospel is true. our father in heaven knows each and every one of us and will guide us as we seek his help!! our weaknesses can be made strong and we can truly become like our savior!!
I love you all so much!! and hope you have a great week
love, Elder B. Jacobson

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