Sunday, May 8, 2016

Conference Weekent - 25 May 2015

Hello Everybody! 

This was an absolutely crazy week!!! hahha Started out by having a great district meeting on Tuesday. We started planning at the beginning of the week with everyone how we would get all of our investigators to church for the conference. This transfer we have been struggling because of all the meetings at the stake center. It had been a struggle getting investigators to come to church. After the training everyone was excited to work and see miracles. 

I have been thinking a lot about Lehi's dream and all the things that we can apply to our lives with this story in the scriptures. One thing that has really helped me keep an Eternal perspective is something that our mission president taught us about this dream. He told us that off all the people that were in the dream, Almost all went straight to the building. and then of the very few that made it to the iron rod many got lost before even getting to the tree. and then of the few that ate the fruit their were still half that left the tree and went to the building. 

President Farns told us that our job as missionaries is to open the doors of opportunity to all that are willing to accept it through faith, repentance, and baptism. Baptism in Lehi's dream is the moment that the people first grab onto the rod of iron. This is out job as missionaries, is to help everyone that is willing have this opportunity to come closer to Christ. I had always had the opinion that it would be of no good to baptize someone that would quickly become less active. but this story helped me to remember the eternal purposes of Gods plan. 

After baptism Gods children are blessed with the Holy Ghost. A gift that will have the power to bring people to the tree of life even if they have wandered far off and even made it to the building. it is a perfection that is needed for the orientation of all Gods children. even the ones that are choosing poorly at the moment. 
I think of all the things that I have passed through in my life and wonder where i would have been if I had not had the protection of the gospel in my life. Everybody needs this because we are all sick and needing of a cure. 
I hope you know that I love this gospel! I love the hope and the power that we find in the atonement of the lord Jesus Christ. 

People are being prepared to receive these great blessings. This week me and my district was struggling with really being motivated. not that we are not working. but I could feel that my work was not with full heart might mind and strength. but this helps me to remember the great need to help people have all that I have. 
The gospel has saved my life. I know that I have been so blessed. I pray that I may show my gratitude to the lord for all that he has blessed my with. 

I love you all so much!! have a great week!

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