Sunday, May 8, 2016

My New Companion - 9 March 2015

Wow what a week!!!
Monday; sadly I didn't have p day because of the emergency transfer but I did get to have a fun time traveling back to the center of Sao Paulo  with my companion!! first we got a ride from a member to the bus station ´SAN ANTONIO` cool right its named after our city in Texas!! hahah from the bus station we took a charter bus to Sao Paulo to the train station: Barra Fundos` from there we took a train to station SÊ. and from their we took another train to TUCURUVI! from the bus station in Tucuruvi we took a bus to the mission office were I got my new companion!! ELDER A. OLIVERA!!! from their we made the trip all the way back to Jargim Califonia!! we got home at about 11 o'clock at night!!!! such a crazy day
Tuesday: to day we did not have district meeting so I got to show Elder Olivera the area! and we got to contact our investigators! we had a great day and have become good friends fast. we have just gotten along great and are both really excited to be working here!! Elder Oliveira has a very special way of connecting with the people that I have never seen before! I am really excited to be working with him!!
on Wednesday the assistance to the president came to our area to spend the week with us!! It was great because I got to spend the week with Elder Brogan!!! It was a lot of fun working with him again. We had the opportunity to really see how much we had grown since our time in the MTC!! We talked about how we felt like we had just done everything the wrong way. but then as we talked more about it that night we realized that we were here to learn nonstop! we were always going to have something more to learn and something that can be improved! I think that as a missionary I always had the goal to reach the top but this week I got to see that here on the mission we aren't going to get to the top! because the top goes way higher then the limits of the mission field!!
Well my time is out and I still have to send stuff to president!!! I love you all so much!! have a great week!!
                           Elder Bryan Jacobson

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