Sunday, May 1, 2016

JG.CALIFORNIA - 22 December 2014

Sorry but this is going to have to be short!! but I do have some pictures that will give you a better view of the week. My companion is AWESOME!! We have become really good friends as we both have the same purpose and are both really excited to baptize people!! 

We have so much fun talking to everyone and getting people to come to church!! We had 25 people yesterday marked to go to church yesterday. Sadly only one went!!! so we planned and made cards to hand out that talk just about going to church and the address of the church and hours of the meeting!! 

Also my district is AWESOME!! I have a lot of my old companions and friends in my district which has been such a blessing and the rest of the people are really chill which just makes my job a lot better!! It is so much easer to connect and care for your district when you have already known the missionaries for some time!!! So it has been a ton of fun this week working with my district!! 

Also ELDER THROCKMORTON  is in my Zone so it has been nice getting to talk to him again. he was my companion in Franco da Rocha. 

this week the work was a lot of finding new people. and we have a ton with potential but since no one went to church this week everyone stopped progressing so ill tell you more about the investigators next week!! 

I am just loving being in a ward again with leaders that support us!!! AWESOME !! ITS BEEN AWILE SCENCE IVE HAD a ward missionary leader!!! Ours here is awesome!!!! He does everything and then some!!! 

Well I am so excited for Christmas!!!!
I'll see you then!!!  this year we only have 40 min to talk so got to make it good!! 

love you all so much!!! 

                                              love Elder Jacobson

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