Sunday, May 1, 2016

So Agua - 29 December 2014

What a nuts week!! holy cow. I was so exited to have a nice relaxing p-day but the craziness has just carried its way through the entire day!!:) hahah but hey it all makes part!!!

Just wanted to tell you of the biggest miracle that happened to us this week!!

We were loaded with people we wanted to try and contact and appointments that on Friday we decided to go on a division with some members to get to all the people!!

One of the people that I got to go to is one of our investigators that has had a very strange process with her investigation of the church. She has been having a lot of strange dreams and her pastor from her church has been filling her head with non scene ever since we started to talk to her! But, I went to her house with a member, Gabriel and just ask god what we should teach her to help her.

We talked about the Book of Mormon, the chapter she had read the night before. Then the prompting came to invite her to be baptized again. So I  asked!!!

She said that her time had finally come and that she knew she needed to be baptized as soon as possible!!! Just what we missionaries like to hear!!! So feeling bold we marked a date for this coming Sunday!!!! Yesterday !!!!
and so finally after almost 6 months the baptisms have started again!!!!!!!!
I have a tone of pictures to send to you guys!!!
As well this week we had our Christmas party with our entire mission!!! got some great pictures!!
This week has been crazy as district leader!!! tones of numbers and trainings, I am going to be giving a training this week for all of the zone and district leaders at leadership council. so that should be a great learning experience!! haha.
I am just so grateful for this opportunity to serve. and I know that the Lord has strengthened me in all things to help me be able to handle all this stress. The burden feels light and I know that the lord is lifting me higher then I could ever lift myself!! I am just so grateful for all the things the lord has done for me on my mission! I know he knows me and I know that he always provides a way when he gives a call!!!
ps. I am so sorry about my spelling! I'm forgetting how to spell so many words... but anyway ....
I love you all so much!! have a great week!!
                                      Elder Bryan Jacobson

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