Sunday, May 1, 2016

Back Room Visit - 12 January 2015

Hello Everyone!! 

This week had a great start as on Monday night we found some golden investigators that we just waiting to be baptized. We got to talk to NILSON. He was an Antigo investigator of elder Flories that we got in contact with this week!! We met him at his work cite and taught him the plan of salvation on his break. He said that he was looking for direction in his life and for his family and was really excited to be baptized. This week he tries hard to get in contact with him again but the task was harder then I thought it would be and we did not succeed. so we have two more weeks of the transfer and we have got to do everything we can to get these people to come to church so that we can baptize them. 

We also have been working a lot with Amanda who is a REFERAL WE RECIEVED from one of the youth in the ward!! She has already been to church 2 times now and we are going to see today how she is doing. The last time we talked she was not too sure about being baptized but we prayed a ton and are going to have a power lesson to get her excited to be baptized!! She did set a goal for the 18 of Jan!!! 

And then we met the mom and friends of ANA HILLARY!!! ANGELA Anna's mom went to church yesterday and now we are able to baptize her the day that she is ready to accept. She is just having a few problems understanding why she needs to be baptized again. Yesterday she had a great time at church and I think she got what she needed to answer her doubts!!! Please pray for her she's ready she just doesn't know it!! 

We also had the privilege to find and awesome part member family this week. I was on a division with a youth from the ward and we went to go visit Joao!! When I went into the house it was kind of crazy with kids running around and all. I was trying to share a message but it was just not going well. I was trying to get to know Joao but he was very shy and did not want to stay in the room. I thought I saw him go to the back of the house so I followed him back to try and talk to him. And that is when I saw his mom sitting on the bed. 

I talked to her a little bit and said I would like to talk to the family in the front. she said ok and told me she was coming. 

Before I tell the rest I have to tell you a little about what I noticed about the family. The mom is very sick and because of the sickness she has she has put on a ton of weight. and Joao as well was very ashamed of his weight as well. 

Finally Joao's mom made it to the front. We talked a lot about how their family got baptized and then she started to cry. she said that she was hiding in the back because she was so ashamed to see the missionaries or members because of her weight. but when I  went back to look for Joao and saw her she knew she couldn't hide anymore. 
she told me about how she went to the temple and was sealed!! everything and how she was needing the light of the gospel in her life again!! It was so cool!! We are working so hard to know the best way to help this family!! but I know that the lord will help us!! It was such a cool experience!! 

Well my times up ill have to send my pictures next week!! 

love you all so much have a great week!! 

Elder B.  Jacobson

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