Sunday, May 8, 2016

Wedding and Work - 6 April 2015

I am so excited for the chance to talk to you guys this week!! last week the church website would not open for me and my companion so we did not get to send email but ill get you all caught up!!
1. We had a wedding for Sandra and Otavia last Friday!!!! we had everything planned out with all the documents and everything.but when we got there,  a part of Sandra's document was ripped and they could not get married. so we went back this Friday and everything went well!! we took some great pictures of them!! hahah they are so excited.

We had their baptism at 9 in the morning yesterday because of their work schedule!!! the spirit was very strong!!! they are going to be a very powerful couple in the church!!
I got to baptize Otavio!! hahah. it was such a blessing! They have two children as well in their young family.
2. This week we have completely changed the way we are working. We planned between the conference sessions to visit all of our RC and to start working more with referrals!! We have already received 2 referrals that went to general conference!

One is GABRIELA! she watched two sessions of conference and then a baptism and felt the spirit really strong. after the Saturday night session she drove home with our bishop. Bishop spoke with here and invited her to be baptized next week!! she excitedly accepted the invitation!!!
3. On Tuesday I got to give another training to my district!! I based it on a book that I read 2 months before called ENVOKING THE POWERS OF HEAVEN.  This book talks about how our righteous desires can be accomplished through the power of faith. This book explains how members and missionaries can increase faith to act so that the powers of heaven can perform miracles and help us achieve our goals. This book has put a whole new perspective on missionary work!  if you can find this book I would get it for Daniel to read before his mission.
4. This week I also got to learn a little more about being a leader: so many times you think that as a leader you need to know everything and always be in control. As I have tried to do my best to lead I come to realize that the most important thing is to be as humble as possible! As I look back, I see were many problems could have been avoided if I have just been humble enough to take the blame and keep going. during conference I paid close attention to all the things that i could apply to be a more humble leader! As I have applied these principles, i have seen in just two days a difference in the relationship with me and my zone leaders. We are working more as a team and not as enemies, and i am now able to have the spirit with me in my work as I do my best!
I am so grateful for my pai calestial que loves me and is willing to let me be tested so that I can learn and grow. for is that not why we are here! I  love being here on the mission and for all the opportunities that I have to become better. I am so grateful for the chance I has this week to remember who I am and why I am here! I am grateful for my Father in heaven that helps me to be strong in what I believe and not to fall into the pressures of the world.
I love you all so much!!! Thank you so much for all of your support, words of comfort, and love!!!
I have been so blessed to have all the family and friends to lift me up. not everyone has what I have for you all I am so grateful!!
love you sooo much!!!
until next week!!!!!!
                                                    Elder Bryan Jacobson

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