Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fast Week!!! - 18 May 2015

Last Monday I had tons of time to sleep on pday which was exactly what I was needing to be able to work hard this week and get everything done that I needed to do. then that night we had a really cool family home evening night with a family that had a lot of RC and NON MEMBERS. I shared the message of the kite and keeping the commandments .
district meeting I was surprised when I got to district meeting and the zone leaders told me that I would give the training to the zone. I gave a training on how to recognize quickly the people that are ready and the people that are not. I used a comparison with food and the way we present the gospel. It was cool.
We had a conference with president Farns. The trainings were awesome. Sister Farns talked about faith, and how faith normally means sacrifice. We were invited to sacrifice everything we had to the lord so that our faith could work miracles in our areas and in our work.
We had a great Sunday. tons of miracles with helping people getting to church. We had prayed that everyone could be awake when we went to go get them.
We got to the house of SABASTIAO. and when we clapped at his gate he came out all ready and dressed!!! AWESOME.
Then we went to JULIANAS  house. She was all ready with her mom and she also brought a friend with her that was crying at church after watching the baptism of Juliana. We went to her house after that night and had a really good lesson with Juliana, her mom and friend!!!
In all we had 9 people at church. which was a complete miracle.
We have been praying and just pleading with the lord to lead us to the people that are ready and as we talk to everyone, we are just finding more and more. It has been awesome to see.

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