Sunday, May 8, 2016

I've Been Thinking - 23 March 2015

Hello Everyone!! 
This week I had the opportunity to think about something that our ward mission said to KATIELE and DANILO when we were teaching them before their baptism. He told them that after ever difficult trial comes a great blessing from the Lord!! 

I have to admit that this week was a struggle for me. I was not feeling the fire of missionary work and the fact that we had a lot of disappointments didn't help. And with all the pressures of leaders and trying to reach goals it is easy to loose sight of the real reason I am here on the mission. And this week I had the opportunity to remember just how much I need to rely on the lord and be humble. haha. I don't know why I seem to forget so quickly but I am grateful for a Father in Heaven that is so patient and willing to help me remember in who has given me all the strength I have received
The week of work was great!! we were finding great people, teaching a ton, everyone was a GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR!! AHHA. And when everything was going so good I must have lost sight of my need for the savior and the need to always REMEMBER HIM! 

To make a long story short on Sunday everything dropped. We could not get investigators to church. Something crazy got in the way and no one could go! When we got to church with no one I had the opportunity to remember just how helpless I am in the Lords work alone! I got to remember that I am just an instrument and if I am not working in union with the Lord, I will be of little use to him. 
But thinking about the week Sunday night I got to change my attitudes and to be more grateful for the opportunity I had to grow spiritually because looking back, this week helped me grow more spiritually then the success would have helped. 

I am so grateful for a loving father in heaven that knows our needs and does everything he can to help us remember what is really important. 
I love you all so much!! I am so grateful for the gospel! I am so grateful for my mission and for all the things that i have to learn here!! The mission is so perfect!! I am so grateful for this privilege I have to be here!! I have been so blessed! thank you all for your support!! 

love you all so much! have a great week!! 

Elder B. Jacobson 

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