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Miracles of Sickness - 16 February 2015

Hello everyone!!

This is going to be a very short email cuz we have to go. We will be going to the temple this week so today we have an hour to email and then the day is a normal work day!  But this week we started the week with Elder Flories recovering from a sickness that is hitting Sao Paulo ´DANGI" I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS but it is not a very fun sickness to have. it makes you whole body hurt and have a fever! so we spent the first few days in the house then when Elder Flores started getting worse we had to make a trip to the hospital!

on Wednesday at 9:30 elder Flores starting getting worse so we called our mission leader and we ran Elder Flores to the hospital again! We did not leave the hospital until 1:30 in the morning!!!

Elder Flores was told to stay home and sleep for a week so I have been racing to try and get members to do divisions with me which has not been a easy as I thought it would be, and after getting 5 hours of sleep my patience was running thin. hahah. But in the end it all worked out and I got to see some miracles!! Finding even more people with a strong desire to be baptized.

WE found a young man that was really excited to go to church and accepted to be baptized without a problem. The only problem is going to be getting in contact  with him because he works a lot!!
Vanna and Marlos were baptized this week!!!  they had a tone of family come and watch! I got some great pictures of them all!!

This week I have had the opportunity to read a lot being that my companion was sick. I suggest that you guys try to find this book because I feel that it has changed my mission and my attitude of the power of prayer and faith. the book is called: ENVOKING THE POWER OF HEAVEN!

Teaches you so well about how if we can learn to ask the lord with real intent and with sufficient faith we can really have our prayer answered in a way like never before! we have always been taught that before a miracle can happen the person has to have faith!! this book helps people understand exactly what to do and ho to do it in prayer and then in action!! really cool!!

I have learned so much this week and  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to have my understanding of prayer and Gods love for me increase!

I love you all so much!! have a great week!!!
                                          love Elder  Bryan Jacobson

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