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Morado Do Sol!!! - 4 May 2015

Hello Everybody!! 

This week I am finally going to have time to sit down and write a nice long letter of all the things that have happened. Sorry I have not been good at getting nice emails out, these last few weeks were nuts!! haha

So this week I made it safety to MORADO DO SOL. I think that means sunshine but I'm not sure yet. But I love this area already. We have found some great people here and everyone says hi to us!! hahha. the people are much more receptive and it makes it so much easier to love and serve the people!! however this week we did not have very much time to work in our area. 

I got to my zone leaders house really early on Tuesday but we did not have anyone to pick us up and bring us to our area until 7 o'clock at night!! so we spent the day planning and getting to know each other!! Elder Patterson is awesome!!!! We are both really excited to work and help as many people as we can!! This is going to be the best transfer I have ever had on my mission. I am so excited to just go all out in this area!!! Tuesday night we went to go talk to a family of three that is working on getting to church! they are a great family and have a desire to be baptized. We are just having problems getting them to church. 

We had our first district meeting. Everyone in my district is soo excited!!! AWESOME!!! I feel really blessed to have all missionaries that have a strong desire to serve the lord!!! I have done some things that I never thought would have happened on my mission!! that same night we were walking hone at 9 when we got a call from one of the sisters saying she needed an interview and was going to have a baptism that night!!! I got permission from my leaders and went to do an interview! NUTS! but he was great and is really excited to be baptized. 

We had the full day to find prepared children of god! we found a really cool family that wanted to be baptized but then found us in the road the next day and told us not to come back. We also tried to contact investigators but it didn't go very well  but we did find 6 people with a lot of potential on the same street. Our president gave us the challenge to knock on 100 doors everyday. we have been doing this and really the Lord has started to bless us with people ready to hear the gospel. 

We left our area again to have a conference with a member of the 70! it was a great meeting!! we had two entire missions together!! the spirit was awesome and everyone left completely inspired!! however by the time we got back we didn't have any time to work. 

Today I had to leave my area to get some interviews done. I spent the day in SALTO which is a really cool city. It has a tone of old building and court yards!! it was really cool I wanted to take pictures but we had so much to do that there wasn't any time. All of the interview fell through which was sad and i had to go back that night because I couldn't travel on Sunday.

Sunday was stake conference so we spent another day out of our area. haha We had another great meeting with the member of the 70 Elder Clayton! I was great. His wife is really funny. The stake center was completely loaded!! 
When we got back we got a call from the sisters to do more interviews for a baptism that night. So i did two more interviews!! such a cool family! 

On the way back we did a contact with a woman on the bus. We talked to her the entire way and got off the bus near here house. We walked with here to her house to say a prayer. After the prayer my companion invited her to be baptized that same night!!!!! to my surprise she said yes!!!! i could not believe what was happening!! So we took a bus to the chapel of the sisters were they were having their baptism but when we got their the bishop of the ward wouldn't let her be baptized and said she needed to go to church one more week. 
Her grand mother is a member and lives right next to the chapel. In the end she was not baptized but she will be next week! But what impressed me was the faith that she had!!! It was like when Alma invited the people to be baptized!! I have never seen anything like that on my mission. But after last night  my eyes have been completely opened to the miracles that Heavenly Father is able to do!! 

I love you all so much!! Thank you so much for all of your support!! I love this gospel, and for the opportunity I have to be apart of this great work!!! 

love you all so much!!! Have a great week!! 


Elder Bryan Jacobson

This is Elder Patterson!  He´s been out almost 6 months and is awesome!! He's from California and just moved to Utah before his mission!!!

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