Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Last Week in Capao Bonito - 15 December 2014

What a crazy week!! This was the last week of the transfer and I got to spend it doing a ton of interviews for people that got baptized yesterday in Itapeva! I was such a great experience as I got to stay three days to do 6 interviews with Elder J. Silva!! 
Then when I got back to Capoa Bonito I was so excited that Elder Gonzales had found some Elates od god in our area!! Pedro and Marta!! We have been teaching them for only a few days but they have already gone to church and Pedro is wanting to be baptized a lot. Sadly I wont be here for his baptism but I am still very excited to see how excited he is!! He loves reading the Book of Mormon and learning in the church. He said that he lived the classes that we have inside the church and is excited to go back next week!!! He and Marta are going to be baptized next week if all goes well!!!! 

We also were working a lot with Anna Pula AND CLEONISE. but yesterday we had to cut them because cleomes does not want to leave her church and will not let Anna Paula be baptized. 

We also have been working with Edwardo who went to church for the first time Yesterday!!!!! we got some great pictures practicing for his future baptism!! haha! 

Yesterday we got our transfer news!!! 
I am going to be leaving Capoa Bonito after 6 months> 
I am going to JARGIM CALIFORNIA!!! my new companion is Elder Flores. I don't know who he is yet but I here that he is from Peru just like Elder Gonzales!! haha  I am  going to be district leader again. I already got a look at my area!! Its not that big and I'm going to be living with 3 other elders again so that will be a lot of fun!! 
Yesterday at church I got to give my last talk and I told the branch that I was going to Jargim California and everyone thought I was going home to California. Everyone was so confused. 
they were all saying ´I thought you lived in Texas!! It was really funny. I got a lot of pictures of all the members so I'll get those all sent to you guys!! 

Well that about makes up my week! I still have a lot to do to prepare for this next transfer so I'm gonna let you go!! 

I love you all soo much!! I will find out this week what we are going to do for skype!!! and ill send it in my next email!! 

love you a ton!!! 
until next week!!! 
                                          Elder Bryan Jacobson

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