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TRAINING - 6 October 2014

THIS, like Andrew, has been a great week of training my new companion Elder Gonzalez!! He is from PERU and is very excited to be on the mission following the example of his parents and brother!!!

I would have to agree with Andrew that I think I will be the one that learns the most this transfer but I am doing my very best to teach him the best I can!!! What a responsibility!!!!! haha:) 

This week we did a lot of travelling!!! first I traveled to the mission office to get my new companion and then went home to Capao Bonito very late the same night!!!   But although we have not had tons of time in our area because of all the travel we have worked out some great miracles!! 

Elder Gonzalez and I had studied about contacts on his first morning... our president focuses a lot on we practiced and practiced and finally worked out a system. We then set a goal to not let a person pass. Our lunch fell through so we went to the bank to go get money to buy food. At the bank there was a young man having trouble with his machine, so I thought I might set the example of TALKING TO EVERYONE!! HAHA

We talked and he was very excited about what we had to share!!! We marked a day to pass his house and got his address. 

The next day when we passed by we got to meet the humblest family I have met on my entire mission. They were really searching to follow God and to do his will. When we shared our message the mother said that she was looking for something that could make her happier and said that she had seen us in a dream she had.

We invited then all to be baptized for the 18 of Oct!!!!! ( please pray for this family they are going to need all the help:)  GILMAR, JOANA the mom, and NICANDRO.  Thank you so much!!!!! 

We also marked a date with SUALI who was a contacted we did with the woman with two huge suit cases that we carried half way across the small city to her house!!! haha but it was totally worth it because she has been so prepared to accept the gospel in her life. WE are so excited to see what happens!!! 

We are also working with EDSON still and had the KEEP or CUT lesson last Friday. He is having trouble with having to be baptized again. He Knows the Book of Mormon is true and is going to be praying to know what to do. We asked him to pray with us and ask if the Book of Mormon was true.
NEVER on my mission have I heard a prayer so heart felt on my entire mission! He is going to know that this is true for we have that promise.!! Please pray for him as well he is going to need our prayers! 

The Lord is blessing us here it is so clear. we are seeing the hand of the Lord everyday so clearly!!! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!! 

Tomorrow I am going to be going to the TEMPLE in CAPENUS!!! I am so excited and will have pictures of this beautiful temple for you next week. 

Have a great week everyone and I'll talk to you next week!!! 

                                                   Elder Bryan Jacobson

hello again,

I wanted to write an email just to you and the family to please pray for me in my new calling as district leader so that I will be able to handle all of the new responsibility.
 and as well  be able to train my new companion Elder Gonzales  with the spirit so that he will gain a great desire to put all of his heart into the work of the lord.

I love you all so much and know that the lord is blessing me and preparing a way for me and my companion to do all things!!!! 
I know that when the Lord gives a call he provides a way!!! And I know that I will be lead and guided by the holy ghost to know what to do!!! 

I love you all so much and I am so grateful for this opportunity to be STRETCHED!!! haha I loved Elder Richard G. Scott's talk!!! haha. 

        I have learned so much here on this mission and I am so grateful for the opportunity the Lord has given me to learn so much more.

                                         love you all 
                                  Elder Bryan Jacobson

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