Sunday, April 17, 2016

In the Lord's Time - 8 Sept 2014

Something really cool happened this week with what me and elder Alveis did last sunday.

Last sunday we did not go to the church meetings and stood outside and invited everyone to go to church and we had two people enter but they only stayed for about 20 min. and then left.
but yesterday we decided that it was fun and so we did it again. And we found the same gut that came to church the week befor. haha his name is Paulo. So we walked up to him and asked if he wanted to go to church again. By the time we found him, sacrament meeting was about to start so we invited him to come in. He said yes again. haha
He watched the entire meeting of sacrament and at the end said that he was going to bring his family to church with him!!! haha
We marked a night to go visit him and his family. But i just thought it was so cool that he came back!! haha. the lord works in strange ways!!! Something the lord is just really trying to teach me is that he is the one that is always in control of the work!! Always. 

Everyday that i do my best and just turn it over to the lord with faith HE always provides a way and provides so many blessings. 

This is something that I really have to learn here and learn it good!!! That I don't need to have doubts as to whether we are going to succeed because with the Lord on your side you always will. 


                                             Elder Bryan Jacobson

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