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WHAT A CRAZY WEEK!!! - 13 October 2014

Hello Everyone!!!!!!

It has been the first real week with my new companion in Capoa Bonito because of all the traveling we did for conference and going to the temple!!!!

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to go to the temple in CAPINAS!!  It was so cool!! What an awesome temple! We got to take  a lot of pictures and spend some time walking the grounds before  we went in for the session!! but the Session was very good!!! They have a new film!!!! holy cow its cool. haha. I have learned so much here on the mission and having the opportunity to enter the temple every 3 to 6 months has been such a blessing!! i have learned so much more every time!!!

Training Elder Gonzales is a lot of fun but sometimes he acts just as I acted when I got here and did not want to listen. haha I wanted to feel like I knew what I was doing even when I had no clue and so I did not let my trainer instruct me as well as I could have.. haha... and so I am seeing myself now in my 'SON'  and I am just trying to be patient and remember how I felt when I got here. haha But I have loved training!!! it has been a bunch of fun and we are just having a blast here!!!! or at least I am hahah Elder Gonzales is having a hard time walking a lot but he is coming along just fine!!!! He is going to be a GREAT MISSIONARY!!!

Being district leader is fun!! haha I like getting to be more involved with the other missionaries that are in out district!! we only have 6 so the work load is not that difficult and its good practice!! hahah but I think my favorite part is getting to know everything that is happening in the zone!!! I know that as I do what I am supposed to do the Lord will qualify me for the work!
tomorrow I will be giving my first training at district meeting. We are going to learn about asking inspired questions. I just pray it goes well. haha but I'm really excited!! hah

We have three investigators that have dates marked to be baptism in the coming weeks!!!

Suali and David went to church yesterday and liked it a lot!!!! also we had GILMAR at church yesterday but he does not have a date marked yet!!! yesterday was awesome. We had everything arranged for members to pick up our investigators and me and Elder Gonzales went  to go get GILMAR. When we got to his house he was still sleeping and said he had a head ache. haha I told him that if he went to church it would pas, and I told him that we would wait for him to get ready!!! hahaha we waited for him about 20 min. and then walked to church together!!! hahaha at first he did not want to go but when we got to the church he thanked us for getting him to wake up and come to church!!!! and he liked it a lot. But what was better was that when we got to church with Gilmar, DAVID showed up as well!!! First time in 5 weeks that we got people to come to church!!!! hahah what a blessing!!!

When I got to church with GILMAR I did not have time to se if Suali came or not. But after the first class ended I saw here com our of the class room with the other members!! I asked her if sister Anna had picked her up and to my surprise, SUALI HAD COME ALL BY HER SELF !!!
What a Golden investigator!!! With three people in the chapel it made the HOT week of WORK Worth it!!! haha!!

Well It has just been a great week!!! I love you all so much!!!! I'm going to go sleep! haha until next week!!

                                  Elder Bryan Jacobson!!!!

so I have to ask for a special request :) 

being that both me and my companion are broke and have not received our reimbursements from the temple trip can you please call the bank and transfer more money on my card please... we have district meeting tomorrow and I need money to take the bus!!! HELP!

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