Sunday, April 24, 2016

First Baptism Interview - 17 November 2014

hello everyone!!!!!!

what a crazy week!!!!! this week on Tuesday I had the opportunity to give a training on the HOLY GHOST! we are having a lot of problems in our zone with getting investigators to stay firm in their investigation of the church!! We have been struggling to get people to committee to be baptized nd just try to know that this is all true!!
all we can do is tell them to read the Book of Mormon and feel the spirit testify of the truth!! these two things are key in conversion!! so I gave a training on how to help create an environment in which the spirit can testify of the truth!

this week we had only one of the 6 expected investigators at church - Aline! she is a friend of a member that is bringing her to church! it is Always so much better having a member at the lessons!

this week I also got to do my first baptismal interview!! his name is Ivon and was baptized yesterday in Itapeva!!! He is 14 and has had some problems very early in his life but is ready to change his life and become a new person!

on Saturday we started our English and Spanish classes at the church!! the idea is to get the members to start brining non members to get to know the church by doing something fun like learning a new language!!! our first lesson was kind of a fail because only one member showed up!! haha but we still had a great time!!!!!

other then that all of our investigators have fallen except for ALINE:( BUT WE ARE DETERMINNED TO BAPTISE HER AND FIND NEW PEOPLE!! yesterday we started the finding process off good with 56 street contacts!! yesterday was a Holiday so not very many people were receptive but we did find a couple that has lived in Capoa for 40 years and have already been to church and had the missionaries!!! they even know the branch president!!! SCORE!!

THIS week we are going to have to start the finding process again!!!! Always a lot of fun!! its so exciting to see who the lord is going to put in our path!!

Hey I love you all so much!!!

                                                love Elder b. Jacobson!!!!!

sorry this is so short but my keyboard is broken and is taking forever to write!!!

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