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The Blue House - 22 Sept 2014

Dear Family!!

This week was quite an adventure!!! Starting in tuesday I went to district meeting and then got to stay with Elder Carney in my area for two days!!!! I met Elder Carney in my first district and now he is in my zone here again!!!! It was nice to have two days to talk to one of my best friends on the mission!! 

But here we got to go explore a new city that is part of our area here to see if we could start another branch in this area that has been closed for a number of years. We got on bus and it took us about 45 min. to get to the other city BURRI!! 

When we arrived and got off the bus we had 3 different people yelling MORMONS MORMONS!! from their cars and houses!!! haha it was a very cool entry into this small town!! haha. but the cool thing happened when we went into the city office to get a map so that we could find the less active. And when we got there we met a family that was there as well and they came and talked to us and said that they were members of  the church but then stopped going when the chapel closed in burri!! IT was awesome. we got their address and are trying to get them to come to church here in capao Bonito!!! 

The next day on the division we found a man that said that he wanted nothing more than to live with his wife and kids forever!! He told us how his wife had passed away and he would do anything to love with her again!!!!!! From this we did what all missionaries do!!! PROMISE ALL THE BLESSINGS OF THE GOSPEL and invited him to be baptised!!! He said YES and committed to be baptised on the 4th of next month. sadly he didn't come to church yesterday so his date fell. 

Then at the end of the day we got in contact with EDSON AGAIN!!! And had the best lesson i have had in awhile!! He is the contact that I did awhile ago. he is traveling now but when he gets back we are going to baptise him!!!! 

Something really cool happened to us yesterday!!!!! NOSSA!  So about a month ago me and my companion were in the street and we had no one else to visit. and we didn't know what to do. I told my companion that I was going to pray and ask for something to do. I told my companion that every time I do this we always find the coolest family!   So I prayed and I pointed to a blue house on the street and we went and talked to this old man but it wasn't anything special. haha. Latter his wife came home and we talked a lot with her but again nothing special happened.  We didn't even get a lesson in with them. They just wanted to talk realy! haha so we just talked and said a prayer at the end and left. and never returned....but yesterday president of the branch here gave us a referral of a family that was looking to better their relationship. We went to the address yesterday and IT WAS THE SAME BLUE HOUSE!!! I had completely forgotten about this house. The daughter of the couple is living in Cuitiba and met the missionaries there and then told the missionaries to find her parents that are here to help them with their marriage!!! crazy right!!! 


I have two other stories but my time on the computer is finishing. This week was AWESOME!! just full of miracles!!!!!! 

Ow but i have to tell one more real fast!!! We met a person from Germany here and he does not speak portuguese so PERFECT I GOT TO SPEAK AND TEACH HIM IN English!!! His name is David and I'll tell you more about him next week when we go teach again!!! 

But just something that I learned this week. My companion has helped me in so many ways and this week he pointed out that I was being way to forceful with the people here and that I just needed to relax and teach calmly and let the spirit teach the people and not just my forceful words!!! How right he was. I have found that I have kinda lost the love and gone to the you need to do all this to be saved!! But I need to have love for these people and just let the spirit teach them!! gosh I wish I had more time to write all this. I hope it is making sense!!!! 

Lesson learned: MY words wont make the difference in the lives of these people only the spirit can do that!!! I talked a long time with my companion and worked out a new teaching style that has worked way better for us and I'm very excited to see how it works this week!!! 

Just really like this picture of Joseph Smith!! A great reminder to me that nothing I go through is more than I can handle and that everything I go through is for my good. I read a great quote this week that when we are facing hard times, if we are able to face it with a positive way it will strengthen us so much that when we have to face the next trial we will face it with more faith and more patience until the day when we will be able to face all trials like this man JOSEPH SMITH. With patience and love for God and for the opportunity we have here to struggle, learn, and grow!!! 

And now I really have to go!!! 
It was such a great week this week!!! love you all so much!!! 

love Elder Jacobson!!!! 

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